Replay/Torrent/Download R1


I’ve got a AFL Live Pass (as part of my Telstra mobile).

Last night I watched the replay through my laptop, connected via HDMI to my LCD.

The quality isnt that great (last night my Optus Cable was running at 12mbs). I had it streaming on ‘Auto’ then settled for 1.1mbs. The quality was consistent (e.g didnt freeze, or buffer) but wasnt as clear as I’d like.

Can anyone suggest any ideas? (please dont say NBN, they havent connected it up yet - and before you ask, I live in Pascoe Vale.

Is there a way to download the game from the AFL website at a higher bitrate?


Yes there is, with a browser add-on. That’s presuming you have replays working in your browser in the first place.

I use Firefox, with Video Downloadhelper. Mind, it will never be real HD - the best quality is 2400kbps/720p


Question for tech savvies.

I am going overseas in June what do I need to do to watch our games while o/s.


watchafl or vpn to aus to use w/e streaming service you already have.


Thank you @barnz, now would you mind telling in English. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know what that all means, as I have only watched on telly or live at the game.

I am taking my IPad so if I download the AFL app onto iPad, can I watch it through that.

#148 i think is the site, its afl’s international streaming service, only available in locations outside aus, i think they do week/monthly subscriptions, so would be worth checking out and signing up for when outside aus.

vpns are generally pretty easy and ones like privateinternetaccess have extensive guides on their site for whatever device you’d use. they’d explain it better than i could.


Thanks @barnz I’ll give them a look.


notice that has stopped as well.only up to elim final v syd


I should have said that the only reliable way I know to get replays working in a browser is first to shell out for an AFL Live Pass. This pass is actually not bad value, especially if you split the cost with somebody else - it works on up to five devices at any time.

Then you just go via the AFL’s website.


Anyone know a site/link where I can grab games.

I want to do a video analysis of the game on Sunday and need the video file.



I know a guy who sells stuff that can ■■■■ your brain up more than the replay.


Thanks for all the help.

Today I logged out and then could see the linking option.

Now I can see the replays from my desktop.

Will live games can also be watched using the dektop now?


I think replays only.
But you are better off not watching EFC live ATM. It reduces your life expectancy.


Meh. Even I’m not that interested to make Essington vids this days.


I agree


Download are not so great using download helper… video shakes a lot and not clear

Any one got this working properly


For your sake @Rana I have downloaded the last quarter of last weekends match. Video DownloadHelper (on my Firefox) did indeed produce bad results. On the other hand I could find no fault with Flash Video Downloader (on my Chrome).


Thanks Sandbelt… It works well


doesn’t work anymore


bit of a bump

would love to watch the replay after the game. Any invite codes for aussie rules?

sandbelt no more