Review Thread - Essendon d Bad News Bears


Yep and he definitely kicked his foot forward. It wasn’t just a straight leg protecting space. Think the umps were just trying to keep the game interesting. In reality we should have won by and extra couple of goals.


I think they’re just ■■■■ at their job. I’ll promise you that if that was Toby Greene himself or even Dev Smith, that is gonna be paid every time.


That one was frustrating. He was completing the tackle in one continuous action. Not like he held on to him un-necessarily after the ball was dropped. I think that rule needs to be better interpreted so a player is not penalised for completing their tackle properly. I agree if they continue to hold and tackle them un-necessarily they get the free against. Happens too often, and not in the spirit of what tackling is about.


So no Plan B is what you’re saying? Don’t tell Peos.

Sack Hardwick and Scott perhaps?


Will definitely keep it to myself.

Does help if your plan A is as good as theirs was.


They basically interpreted it as though he got a legal handball away when hadn’t.

Should have been HTB


Exactly. It’s really simple. Did the player get a legal disposal away? No = holding the ball, yes = holding the man.


even if he had gotten a legal handball away Baguley was stiff to be penalised for his tackle

umpiring can be tough - but they at times make it tougher than it needs to be


often its when the player tackling, tackles the player and tries to drag them to the ground as they are smaller, and cannot see if player “drops ball in tackle” so goes on with tackle and drags them to the ground.


If said player drops the ball a holding the ball free kick ensues.


What about Merrett having best position to play the ball being clearly held back and impeded by Clug illegally, which results in a goal to Mathieson.

No mention of it from the commentators…c*nts !


sorry meant, player tackling often cant see player dispose or not dispose of the ball so continues tackle, if they are blind sided.


Yep, but that was only one of two or three examples where they got away with that.


Merrett needs to not play for the free kick.

Umpires cant see everything.


I love Merrett… my favourite player but I reckon that was soft and he staged for it a little


I watched it a few times, Clug definitely held him back around the upper arm/shoulder area.

Was a free but I agree, he should not rely on the ump paying the free, as a stronger focus on the ball would have caused a 50/50 contest with Mathieson.


Watched with girlfriend who doesn’t really like footy but has developed a soft spot for the “Blions”.

  1. Pretty sure Tippa could bang her now
  2. Pretty sure I would allow it
  3. Commentators were baaad. Healy actually said “I think everybody would be hoping Brisbane can get a couple of goals”…? what? Commentate the fkn game and keep your hope to yourself
  4. Love me some Darcy Parish


What’s the bet he will be seen as the best allocation for our game against his beloved norf?


Interesting take on it.
I would have gone with ‘urined’, but that works also.


Isn’t he a WA local? You especially don’t want him when you play over there