Review Thread - Essendon d Bad News Bears


I thought he punched it away legally.

I had most issue with the sling tackles.


Close, but not quite.

The ball is actually lifted up and then the clenched fist comes through - that’s why it’s a throw.


I had a perfect view from M12 of it.

It was clear the ball was lifted up from that side of the ground.

The video is from the Member’s side of the ground which is why it doesn’t look so obvious.


In the replay there’s one angle they show on slow Mo over his right shoulder where you can just see to ball bobble up.


I know it’s probably better for us, but I’m surprised by the lack of hype around Essendon this week.

Media were quick to sink the boots in, but seem reluctant to give much credit to the team for the last 2 weeks’.


Too many media “experts” went all in on Essendon being sh-t 2 weeks ago, any hint of a change would require them to swallow there pride.


As much as I agree with you, I rather go through winning games unnoticed than having the hype train come our way. rather the boys focus on playing consistent footy like that on the weekend every week than the media beating us up again and we go into drinking our own bathwater mode.


We haven’t proven anything yet.


Won’t be hyped until we go 4-2 and beat Pies on Anzac Day.

Pies are struggling and Norf are ■■■■.

If we don’t beat them both, we aren’t good enough yet.


We’ve won two games and are about to play North Melbourne, the ultimate minnow club. Neither of these things lend themselves to hype


Fair enough. You’re right. The video doesn’t show that the ball went airborne before he punched it.
My apologies.

Every time I try to show a bit of football intelligence I get shot down in flames…ever since school days. I’ll get it right someday.


More a consequence of the nature of GWS and Richmond’s victories. Happy to cruise along under the radar again this week. Knock off Norf and roll into Anzac Day as underdogs but well and truly in the contest…


I’m impressed by your confidence

I expect at least a couple of Essington level performances in the next month - an honorable loss to the Pies on ANZAC Day with Steele Sidebottom running the ball across the line five times followed by a ■■■■■ performance the week after.

We are 3-10 against the Pies in recent years and haven’t won the week after ANZAC day since 2015 when we scraped across the line against a terrible St Kilda side.



P.S. is there anything better than a 2.10pm timeslot on a Saturday arvo at the G?


Winning the Grand Final?


True but that’s still 2.30pm time slot on a Saturday arvo at the G so near enough


Who’s proven anything, by mid April?

So far there’s really only 1 side (Geel) who’s played decently every week.
A small handful have been good for 3 and bad for 1. We’ve been good in 2 and bad in 2. Disappointing, but not panic stations.

Positives are we’ve got what looks the hardest game in footy (GWS up there) out of the way, and we’re only 1 game off the pace.

Plus we’re one of a small handful of sides that have actually kicked a big score this year, even with JD sidelined and Raz barely going. That’s definitely a plus.

Don’t get conned by the hyperbole about the season being done and we need to chuck everyone out. A long way to go.


Worth highlighting. Couldn’t believe how confident people were about winning that game up there. They look very good.

Saints taking points off other teams too (not to excuse our ■■■■■ performance).


I thought GWS would be worse than last year, but they look a lot better.
I would have them flag favourite as of right now.

Won 16 and a draw of their last 20 at the Showgrounds.

(We still should’ve been better than we were!)