Review vs Collingfree


Stringer with a calf?

■■■■ me


I thought the effort was there all game.

Few random thoughts

Thought Hooker had a very good first 3 qtrs then got smashed in the last

Please stop kicking to the pockets!

Stringer was very quite

The two missed shots by Tippa and Mckernan after we received free’s absolutely killed us. They weren’t difficult shots by any stretch. No excuses to miss those.

We seem to get smashed in the stoppages when the game really heats up.

Thought Hurley was good down back.

I am a massive fan of Ambrose, but every time he is brought back in after a layoff he really struggles, then did his hammy to complete his poor form.

They blanketed Saad very well, really affected our rebound

Colyer is not repaying the faith that the selectors have showed in him

Hep was great, as was McGrath,Smith is a pressure machine.


Collingwood’s kicking at goal was ridiculous. It started with Sidebottom’s first. Then continued with goals from distance, goals from tight angles.

12.6 including at least one poster and one touched on the line. It was a bit arsey.

Overall I thought our effort was fine, just ran out of legs due to the Ambrose injury.


Well that’s farked and certainly puts last quarter effort into context.


And Guelfi having to play back to cover Ambrose took another mid out of rotations


You could say this about pretty much every one of our blokes. Just outworked.


I’ve been mostly negative but it should be noted that Heppell, Smith and McGrath did their best to win us the game. And Merrett is a ■■■■■■ beauty. I would go to the footy just to watch him play.


I wouldn’t say it was just the ruck, yes SMACK got pantsed in the middle, but our set up around the stoppage was generally lazy in the last. Our tired mids let too many clean breaks towards Collingwood goal. Belly did a great job until about half way through the third, but he just ran out of puff.
At three quarter time I think we were ahead in all contested categories, and it looked like we had control.
BUT they held on longer and ran away from us.


Makes me sick to say we were out coached by Nathan Buckley.

But he shut our run today and won them the game when we had so much to play for.

We played finals last year, they finished what 15th??

Credit to them…rolled us twice.


Hats off to Michael Hurley today.

Showed he is still a very very good defender, wall like. Just read everything all day & took some huge marks.


Brown missed shot as well.


Watching the replay had to turn it off 15 in when hepp collects the ball while being tackled and is pinged in .0002 seconds

I knew the Grundy shoveling the ball into players guts show was about to begin

I can understand how hard it would be trying to play confidently when the bullshit is that obvious

Worst display of umpiring all year, West coast was nothing on this, this got in the heads of our players with the obvious relentless needy ness for attention the incompetent hack umpires imprinted on the game today

Should be filing an official complaint

So many held jumpers not called, absolute ■■■■ take AFL, get your ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ together fire these low self esteemed hack failures to the game


Why the ■■■■ did we draft him then??


Fantasia and Daniher would be a good start


Was talking about mids but yeah those two would be a help


acting like this is something new?


Could you explain it a bit Benfti 'cause I for one don’t understand exactly how much impact one man down can have. Teams have won games with one or more players down before. I am really interested in knowing more about it.


Combination of the lack of rotations and the umpiring. Umpiring in the first half especially they changed one of the umpires after half time. What happened to the other one.

We dominated that 2nd quarter. But the umpires just kept handing them the ball. You can’t play against that and expect to win Every week. It’s a disgrace.


Ran out of legs today with a limited rotation but equally the game last week against the destination club ( 14 K turned up to see them today… )took a lot from of them.

Super fast games 7 days ago whereas the Pies cruised along at 80% to beat the Suns.

Am I grasping at straws here?


I agree with that but u also people don’t understand how much of an influence umpires can have on a game. Most are head in sand.