Round 1 - Essendon v Hawthorn


Go in when gates open, grab ten shirts, walk back to the March :smiling_imp:

(don’t do that)


Fk them being only for res seat members,… and fk them being for the bandwagonners this year.

I’m gonna produce one for those that were there LAST year, when the chips were down.




Stanton and McGrath in for Bird and Dea



Ok, … I take it all back.

Would reckon they’ll need way more than 18k of them though.


So now a bourbon and coke gets you admission to game, a front row level 4 reserved seat AND a t-shirt :wink:




I’m glad I’ve already got my reserved seats, and I was worried we might get lonely on level 4, now the sales should sky rocket, does this mean the GA areas will have more room?

Going to the member tent could also mean a better choice of size too.


Or, … he takes heed of BSD’s extremely well made point, nods, and adjusts the policy accordingly.

No thanks necessary,… I don’t do it for accolades, …just knowing I made a difference is thanks enough. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


How about we make up another 14000 t-shirts that’s says
“I was one of the c’s that didn’t give up
essendon vs GWS 2016”


I turned up v Hawks Friday night and exited the stadium 5 mins into the last when they hit 100 points up.



Swear filter must have been an optional extra with new blitz.


Depends on what time you got into the ground.


Yep, didn’t expect that to go through


Tony Mack Tippy is going to carve it up on Sat and it’s going to be glorious. Just got round to resetting my password but felt the need to comment about the movement in my pants regarding Saturday. TMT time!


should i get nosebleed tickets level 4 now, or will they release some more tickets later?
happy to sit in level 4.
I can scan membership in and just get general admission on the day but dont really want to wait if we are doing march, Need to get a ticket for my sister to (non member)


How about this one?
Comeback??? Fark that, I never left.



I figured that if I buy a $7 upgrade now, at least I am guaranteed to get in with a GA membership and now you get a T Shirt and get to choose the size (maybe).

It seems a bit random what seats are available, so no one can guarantee what will be the best available. But if you don’t want to end up with a bunch of poos and wees, I was happy to get a ticket in a designated EFC area, albeit L4.

Many will probably abandon their seats if better GA unallocated seats are available. But this will lead to some GA anarchy no doubt.