Round 5 Essendon v Geelong @ Windy Hill, 12pm Saturday May 13 2017

Listen to his triple m interview from last week.

OK Dunlop, I was interested in your impressions. The really good thing about Draper is it was the 4th or 5th game at this level, and he put in a performance that a lot rated highly and even you rated as 3rd best while being critical of him. Thats remarkable imo.

Clarke was pushed out of the midfield , so Langford could get some inside mid time. I thought Langford was finally starting to show some mongrel. But as you say its nowhere near raging bull level. He does need to impose himself on the contest more. Its still not enough.


No, It’s not just you, lack of ignore function has turned Blitz into an Octogon

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It hasn’t become… it has always been, and has just returned to normal.

If you really really don’t like it, then best to just break your addiction now.

I see you’ve been here about as long as I have sam, … and I hear you, … but I reckon something is different.

A few noob posters aren’t helping at this point, … but I think it’s possibly latent carry over angst from the saga shitte being vented on each other, or, as mentioned, the lack of the Ignore function, … something seems weird.

Maybe I’ve just gotten old & cranky, … feels like I’ve aged 10 years in the last four, … soooo, …

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Just a reminder you can privately flag posts as breaking the guidelines (which, for example, hurling abuse at each other does). If someone gets too many flagged posts, they’ll get banned.

I feel like this is just asking for people to flag my posts for the lulz, but whatever.

I don’t see how @Crazy_Bomber and I did anything that got anywhere near name calling and what not.

half the posts i’ve seen from the sunshine and daisy brigade have slung some pretty poor ■■■■ at DP whether its deserved or not, i’m not going to comment but jesus some here seem to be the morale police and chuck a fair hissy when it does match their expectations.


Hmmm … are all you noobs like this?

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Couldn’t agree more, it’s actually embarrassing. Just because people debate things doesn’t mean we hate each other. I disagree with barnz on things but I like him as a poster and often understand his point of view (bar his love for McKenna). That’s why I like wob, barnz and a few others as posters, because they don’t chucking a hissy fit when people disagree with them.

The sunshine brigade are usually the ones slinging some pretty horrible things at people trying to debate certain players. It’s a forum where literally the sole purpose is to discuss players. The worst part is it’s usually from the elder brigade (don’t worry you’ll know because they tell you in every thread just how old they are) are the ones resorting to the pre-teen style insults when they can’t cope with their favourite players coping critiscism or discussion. Hell I was threatened with a personal attack in the Zaka thread just because I analysed his form over a period and thought him “bleeding red and black” isn’t enough to win a spot every week regardless of form. It doesn’t mean I don’t want Zaka or Redman or anyone to succeed. It’s usually the same people that struggle to comprehend that.


I think you just need to learn to relax when people have a difference of opinion to yours on players. It’ll save your blood pressure.


Over the top criticism of our players is very rare, and I think just about everyone believes there is no place for it. But a handful of posters equate any criticism with vicious attacks, which is BS.

I’m not interested in a circle jerk. I want to be able to discuss the nuts and bolts of footy with people interested in taking about the game and our club. The good and the bad.

There are handful of posters who want to shut down any criticism, however warranted, of our players. It’s pretty tiresome, and typically theae types can’t handle any of their opinions being challenged. Maybe these posters need to find a safe space. Or any subjective critique of our club should be accompanied by a trigger warning for their benefit.


And if they reckon he had something to learn st half back? If there wasn’t a spot for him forward? If they wanted to see if he could be useful kicking out of back 50? If they’d put him head to head on someone all day?

Most pointless of pointless criticisms I reckon.
Drager’s played forward, Clarke’s been on the wing or half forward, Jacko Merrett at half back, and so on and so forth. This suggestion that it means the player’s failing or failed is really immature and frankly crap.

And if you don’t have a problem with our best player being played out of position- why do you have a problem with a 3 gamer being moved around in the seconds?

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Read my original post. There was no criticism of him, in fact I was just loling at the fact another Essendon player was being moved away from their original intended target aka Francis, Hooker, Myers etc. That’s when some people lost their minds again and started sooking again, people once again read into it whatever they think and suddenly they think I had a huge problem.

I never said I had an opinion on Zerrett either way I never brought him into the discussion in the first place. But regardless I think a champion young midfielder spedning a few mins mopping up down back is a little bit different to a lead up medium forward going down back because he can’t get near it. And doesn’t the fact that Jerrett is playing at half-back mean him playing midfield has failed? But whatever.

Obviously people having a sook about a throwaway “lol” isn’t pointless. But of course it’s OK to say Myers can’t play down back, isn’t it? Blitz is so touchy these days.


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Not sure if srs?

Been here for absolute years under different usernames.

There seems to be far less people on the site in general?

Or at least posting?

Not sure, just seems that way.

Yeah, I’ve had that clear sense too, … far less.

And I know several who used to be, and avoid it like the plague these days, and a number more who have sworn off for good.

He didn’t look too bad back there. They have to do something as he literally did not touch the footy first half

I could never swear off this place.

I walked away for about 3 months when they sacked Sir James… but even then I eventually got drawn back in with the draft.

I read this website like it was a novel… and I quietly love 99% of everything within it.


No! Hence why I made comment!

It could mean almost anything, including nothing at all.