Rugby Union



And this one from his Twitter


Seriously a massive call for Australian rugby. It’s a line in the sand moment. You’re probably right Diggers but I can’t see them doing it.

I love watching him play. Genuinely brilliant rugby player bit also seems a bit of a tool.

I know it isn’t a major point but if you’re risking everything for a tweet, surely you can find a better graphic.


Do yourself a favour and don’t read the comments to Israels tweet.

It starts with Mark Latham and quickly turns into a “da jews started the ww2”

Any way, how many Israels must we boycott?


izzys sin bingo.

Anyone all 8?

6/8 for me. Not bad.


I’m only 3/8


Must have been something in the air yesterday.


Folau is fully aware of how damaging this type of language is commercially to RA but it is also contrary to the views of his team mates. He’s deliberately crossed the line again and Rugby Aus have to act. And if they don’t I wouldn’t be surprised if his team refuse to play with him.

He’s been counseled about this and he doesn’t give a sht about who he offends or his employer. Fck him off.


6 here too but if I rooted a bloke tonight, I could complete the set.



Well I know I am 7 out of 8, and there was that time in Pattaya when she could have been a bloke, so I could have the whole card.


I am a little torn on this. I don’t agree with his beliefs but surely he has the right to express them?


I’m inclined to agree.

I’m not sure it should have anything to do with his selection.

I get in by virtue of being left-handed which is one of the ancillary crimes.

And that by itself, add ‘Liars’ to the list.


He totally has the right to have his beliefs and say them (as appropriate) however he must also accept that there are likely to be consequences in his opinions and beliefs. You can’t have free speech and no consequences.


Free speech is fine, hate speech isn’t and Folau has crossed that line again after he was told to desist. Putting the upset that commentary like this from a prominent person causes to those on his ‘go to Hell’ list to one side just for a moment, he is also putting the financial viability of the code in jeopardy by alienating it’s sponsors. Is he expecting the Westboro Baptist Church to fill the void left by Qantas?

He obviously sees himself as some sort of missionary so by all means, get on your bike and pss off. Otherwise, shut your gob and play rugby. You can’t do both.


im sure that hell be complaining that his religious freedoms are being violated soon enough


I’m sure it will too, with him trying to lower the incoming residents rate like that, … :smirk:


His contract has been terminated apparently


Good. Now he can wander the earth like that train evangelist dork in Sydney the other week.

“Will you shut up, I’m trying to read!”


They INTEND to terminate his contract.


To be fair, I think they’re giving him an opportunity to speak to them.

Bit hard to sack someone if they don’t return your calls.