Sam Mitchell - Assistant Coach?



Any stated reasons for leaving WCE.?


A ■■■■ of epic proportions and dimensions. Scratch the surface and uncover layers of cuntiness.

I don’t want him ANYWHERE near the club. In fact, I demand he fly in and out of Avalon because tullamarine airport is too close.


After burning his current club, I don’t understand why any club would want him.
Leaving aside the rest of his baggage, and there’s a lot, I don’t know how anyone could trust him to put the team first at any time ever even once, let alone as a career.


In addition the one we already have in James Kelly?


Almost forgot about Pops!


I say bring him in, sack woosha for RTB, and bring in Ratten.


Clearly you were using sarcastica font

But as an aside I’ve heard Ratten is absolute kent as a head coach. Psychotic. Very very different persona behind closed doors


As opposed to Sam Mitchell who is just an absolute Kent all the time.


Ratten took carlton to finals.

what has anyone else since then done?


Mitchell can fark right off.


Malthouse traded off anyone half decent and they’ve been stuck at bottom ever since!

Blues clearly botched things. Should have maybe brought in an experienced senior assistant over shafting Ratten.

Been glorious however.


Only one year as Hawthorn captain, only one year as assistant coach at WCE.


It’s like a MasterCard ad

“A lifetime as a little prick”


Cos WCE think he’s a prick too?


It’s lovely that for all the bickering that happens on Blitz we can all join hands and agree on one thing. Mitchell is a turd.



Well not necessarily. West Coast actually want to keep him and are trying to make him see out his contract



I was trying to Iook up what draft picks WC gave up for Mitchell and saw a HS article from 2016 titled Who Your Club Drafted Instead Of Mitchell.
It’s behind a paywall, so I can only assume it read-

Adelaide: Not a ■■■■.
Brisbane: Not a ■■■■.
Carlton: Not a ■■■■.
Collingwood: Not a ■■■■.
Essendon: Not a ■■■■.