Sam Mitchell - Assistant Coach?


I’d hire him just to fire him.


I heard Sam Mitchell went in to a ■■■■ restaurant and was such a ■■■■ that they had to close the restaurant.


Needle jab taunt…
Stealing Brownlow…
Smug arrogant prick…
Noooooooo! Be enough to drop my membership!!


I’ve seen some strange threads in here before but this one has to top the list.


I see absolutely no problem with hiring him if he makes us a better side. None at all.


Seriously, I hope we’re still a football club.

The kind of place where farking Kent’s get ostracised because they’re toxic

This Kent is toxic. He’s unwelcome.


Why you talking ■■■■ about my football brand.


Should never be allowed near the club for that needle jab taunt alone. Grubby individual. I can’t believe any Essendon supporter would want him anywhere near the place.


■■■■ you you ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■!

No way



Look what 15 years of hiring “Essendon people” has got us


I’m all for us hiring non-Essendon people.

I’m all for us hiring people that are slightly carntish, I reckon we’ve lacked that at Essendon for a while.

I’m not all for us hiring the worlds biggest, snuggest, most punchable carnt.


Oh hell no


In sure there are plenty of other equally capable candidates.


Have you seen how our midfield has performed over the last 10 weeks? Skipworth was line coach of a top 4, perhaps even top 2 forward line last year and now he’s line coach of a midfield that is performing brilliantly as well.


@barnz check out this meme work


Skipworth’s stint as our VFL coach should have helped him work with some of the players as they started and came through. He’d also have that understanding of managing players going to the VFL to work on their games so they can then step up to the senior side.

You judge people based on their results. Post-Carlton game the midfield effort has been excellent.


Yes, if only for the fact he’s a brownlow medalist so he knows what it takes to be the best.


Edited for accuracy.


Bahah I was just trolling


Good one.