Sam Mitchell - Assistant Coach?


Robbo reading Blitz again.


Listened to his interview with Whateley. I haven ever heard the word “I” and “me” repeated so often. Not one mention of any of his teammates just “me, me, me”.


Got a bit of the Dermott Breretons about him in that sense.


What he done? Apart from being drunk and illiterate and drunk


Played junior footy with him…


and was he a flog then?


I’d rather dip my aggets into shark infested waters


Even if you could guarantee a premiership by seeing into the future, with Sam Mitchell as a recruit to our great club, I would still not want this absolute monkey ■■■■ at EFC.






I’m with Gatsby on this.

Instead of getting that scumbag Mitchell, I too would prefer shark infested waters receiving Gatsby’s agates.




I applaud Gatsby on his strong stance (which might perhaps be a little weaker afterwards) and wonder if he should do this pre-emptively, just to be sure.


Frankly, if he hasn’t already popped down to the peninsula to have them nibbled off then it suggest to me that he actually wants Mitchell at the club.


He’s a bit of a ■■■■ and ‘non Essendon’?

Good grief, some of you have low standards.


This seems to be the one thing his supporters ignore. Can a guy who’s hated everywhere he goes be a great coach? It’s easier to be an individual from the group as a player if you perform, but as a coach you need to be able to interact with the players everyday and command a level of respect from them


Absolutely NOT


That would be like having Dutton as your number 1 ticket holder


I want bad things to happen Sam Mitchell


Ratten leaving Hawthorn