Sam Mitchell - Assistant Coach?


On AFL 360 saying he “probably wouldn’t” make the injection gesture again if he had his time over.

He’s such a douchebag. Pass for me.

I’d rather Ratten…mainly Caracella though.




Great run-down and tackle from Green, but the thing that ■■■■■■ me off about that play was that after the whistle is blown and everyone has stopped, Mitchell hand-passes to a team-mate who is standing nearby and the ump didn’t award a 50m penalty.



Wait is this the green thread?


Also, Mitchell is a c*** and I would only employ him at the club on two conditions:

  1. His job is to stand outside and hold an umbrella over the Michael Long statue protecting it from sun, rain and birdshit; and

  2. He is not allowed to make eye contact with, look at or talk to anyone entering or leaving the premises, including the Michael Long statue.

Finally, he is a c*** and can get farked.


Dean Marghetts: “Play On”


Walking around the club with Jobes medal around his neck yeah ■■■■ that bloke


Im not sure how you can publicly show contempt for an organisation and then get hired by that organisation in a position of leadership. Bewildering how anyone is saying hed be welcome at the EFC.


I guess it would be fair to say you’re a bit Furious about the idea?


Thread should be called Sam Mitchell- Persistant c u n t.


So at the same time that Mitchell announces he is coming home, Ratten suddenly leaves Hawthorn. Interesting.


this bloke is deadset scum


Wouldn’t it be better for Hawks if he goes to a diffrent club? will be like Fletcher coming back to Essendon you would rather him gain expericince at another club.


I think we can confidently rule him out of coming to EFC now.




anyone care to elaborate on what happened?


Well thank fark for that!!


What a ■■■■■■■ flog


“I’ll be honest; as an AFL player, the Essendon scandal ■■■■■■ me off,” Mitchell revealed in his new autobiography, Relentless. “What happened cast an unfair stain over the overwhelming majority of players who had never taken part in any injection program and I took my frustration to the AFL Players’ Association.

“I have no inside information about the situation at the time and understand the Essendon players were poorly managed and governed, but I have always found myself falling short of calling them the victims.”

Sam Mitchell taunts Essendon players by motioning to inject himself with a needle. Picture: Fox Sports
Calling it a “messy affair”, Mitchell said he believed the Essendon players “were at the lower end of the blame game, but they weren’t entirely blameless for what happened at Windy Hill during 2012”.

“I felt sorrier for the first and second-year players who were involved in it. They probably didn’t know any better,” he said.

“While I have some sympathy for the way it turned out for the players, who were ultimately suspended for a season, I am still surprised they didn’t oppose the program, especially the senior players who had been around a long time.”

Anyone still want him?


What a cumstain