Sam Mitchell - Assistant Coach?


Funny how he runs his mouth now that he is retired. He played against the returning players once and squibbed the contest all day.

Just a typical loudmouth Hawthorn ladyboy

and some are happy for this flog to come to us. Yeah…nah


Its not just the fact that he has said the above. It is also that he is using it as justification for his needle in the arm jibe.





Always has been, always will be.


Got a book to sell, a book that will be in the discount bin selling for $5 within a month


Turd of a bloke, but clearly knows his stuff.
He was involved with the best club for 15 years, we’d be mad not to look at him. I hated Greg Williams but look what he did with Jobe!


Special_Agent_Johnny pls.


So, he played the AFL stooge in the saga. Will he reveal in his book why he got dropped as Hawthorn captain? That’s something he might have inside information about.


Let’s smash these ■■■■■.


That’s a bit rude!


Go to the opening post of this thread, click on the little button above the reply button and click on muted.

I’ve never muted a topic before, but I don’t want to see his name on Blitz if I can avoid it.

Anyone care to join me?




Should I send a tweet to apologise?


I’d like to, but am enjoying everyone berating him. :slightly_smiling_face:



I want him to catch fire.


This prick & Bob Murphy writing books just shows how ■■■■■■■ out of touch footballers are and how stupidly big their ego’s are.

One didn’t win the Brownlow & the other didn’t win the Premiership.


Doesn’t really change how I feel about him, just confirms I was right. NFI.

He’s basically saying Jobe, and any senior player, McVeigh, whoever else, are complicit. And he’s done that at the same time as saying - ‘yeah, EFC players ruined the image of injections for the rest of us’.

Not going to waste any more energy on idiots.


Send him Bruce’s 135 page recent document and it will be clear as day they are victims.


Careful. St Kilda got in lots of trouble for burning dwarfs and this is a particularly flammable one.


Are you certain the skidmark can read?