Season 2017 - North Melbourne



Our money …


I honestly don’t see the fuss about Mason Wood & why he’s so highly rated. Seems to want a bit of easy ball over the back when playing as a forward. Very vanilla for mine.


So glad to see these ■■■■■■ get smashed almost everyweek.

Couldn’t happen to a better team or ■■■■■■■ supporter base.


Norf! Lol!


When do we play these ■■■■■


St Kilda with Reiwoldt are now 6-3 I think
0-3 without


Probably when they’re back in form. (Is that being too cynical?)


They’ll roll us. Harvey to kick four and have 35 touches, Petrie to kick 6 and That idiot Firrito will hold Daniher goalless.


Oh you cynical ■■■ you


Got a bit of inside info on Jack Ziebell tonight. Turns out he is currently playing with a split sternum, 2 cracked ribs, a tear in his groin, and has had 42 pain killing injections this season so far…

“Managed” my ■■■■. The bloke is cooked.


Yep, have heard James Brayshaw mention several times that his injured were comparable to a car crash victim and that he really shouldn’t be playing



Surely not …


They’re only worried about his health, BSD…


If that is true then surely there should be some sort of punishment for the club for such a thing. That is just plain stupidity to let a bloke play with those types of injuries lingering over him.

The bloke has always been injury prone but come on, playing with those types of injuries could see him not able to walk when he is in his 40’s or could be one bad hit away from going kacka on the field.

In a season that means literally nothing to a team going nowhere fast, I find it disgusting to be honest that they could let him step onto the training track let alone onto an AFL ground.

There is tough/brave and then there is ignorant and dangerous.

■■■■ club.


I must admit, I raised my eyebrows at the number of painkilling injections mentioned - in my experience with these things, I’ve found that people tend to exaggerate injection numbers… even more so over a few alcoholic beverages.

That said, the sauce is good on this one - and I would see no reason to doubt it. Which as you said, is dangerous. But if Jack’s anything like his old man - a couple of cracks in some bones won’t stop him playing. Genuinely tough sonofabitch.


Ziebell probably got all those injuries while trying to ‘accidentally’ hurt other players.

No sympathy.


Split sternum…ouch


Savagery from BT at the end of the video…


Lol. Very awkward moment.