Season 2017 - North Melbourne


Reckon there might have been words during the break?

Probably a complete set up.


Wonder if that is worthy of a 4 year, one sided investigation ?


why would you risk him? Its not like hes a fringe best 22 player and needs the games bonus $$$ to put food on the table, dont know why he wouldnt rest up.


Some players just want to play. I’ve coached plenty of guys that have tried to play with injuries that would stop most people going to work at a desk job


Yeah, I doubt it’s particularly unusual. Which is what makes it particularly infuriating that we alone had an unsafe workplace.


Just hoping he hasn’t been injected with that lolly water AOD because it could potentially harm his hypothetical fantasy children.

Honestly ■■■■ this league


As long as everything is WADA compliant and club doctor approved, right?


I’m sure he tells ASADA of these substances when he gets tested, and submits his end-of-year form to the AFL.


If this information is released to the public, I for one can’t wait to see how this all gets blamed on James Hird


2 year extension for Brad Scott


‘BRAD Scott believes the speculation about his future at North Melbourne was “out of control”, with the re-signed coach reaffirming that he never seriously contemplated offers from opposition clubs.’

Out of control, hey? Don’t remember even hearing about it. Maybe once.


I heard it once, but purely in the context of how it would be cruel to Dustin Martin to lure him over with millions of dollars, and leave him coach-less.


There isn’t really much else B Brown can do with that wig.


SWSNBN was the leader of this rubbish going around about Scott.

If you don’t read her ■■■■■, then you wouldn’t know about it.


Loving your work North sign an average coach to waste four years for another tilt at a prelim.


That Hansen isn’t so hot right now.


Shinboner of the Century convicted and given a $2000 fine for whacking an umpire at a Junior Footy Game

Doesn’t seem the brightest spark

Pleads guilty and then outside court says he is going to appeal

Quick! call Sam Lane QC


Probably gets elevated to legend status in hall of fame coz he’s a resident AFL ‘good bloke’


Oh boy oh boy

Big troubles at The Roos

  • thought they had Dusty over the line
  • Scott chose to take 2yr extension as a result
  • missed Dusty as Tigers found another $200k
  • Looking to a full rebuild now
  • Scott dirty for not taking GC job

Buckenara article saying they 10yrs away from being relevant again given bottoming out completely & have no A-grade young players

Tassie here they come


Darcy Lang rejected them lol.

Norf are in a lot of pain for the next few years.