Season 2017 - Port Adelaide


Farken lol, AwFuL have decided Gold Coast can wear their red and gold jumper in the clash against portadelaide in China and have told Kockhead to shut the ■■■■ up


It’s really interesting with the colours as China is highly based on the elements.

Black- Unity, Freedom
Teal/Green- Health, Prosperity

Gold Coast
Red/Orange- Good fortune, happiness
Gold/Yellow- Heroism and prestige.

Usually the above two (Gold and Red) are combined for the ultimate combination.

Have no doubt that the AFL want the Gold Coast to benefit from this over Port. And while they are being done hard by, Koshie is well Koshie so LOOL.


Geez Port are dumb ■■■■■.


“Yes Healthy and Free team! Kick the Ball!”

"Not on your life, Good fortune and Heroes will Prosper on the Day!



It’s lucky that the AFL decided not to schedule Richmond to play Port Adelaide in China. Having Dustin Martin using chopsticks would be just way too risky.


I hear that it wont be on live on FTA in China, on 30 minute delay right after better pagodas and gardens


So now theyve ponied up Gina , fark those ■■■■■


The whole thing is Koshie’s brainchild. I can only assume the only club who took the bait were GC and he signed them without thinking about the colours.

Reminiscing of Brayshaw’s “Knights of North Melbourne” or whatever where Ricky Ponting and 9 other rich North fans were going to donate a mill each. Blatant, arrogant stupidity.


Will ■■■■ myself when they get rolled tomorrow.


I guess Port are the home team because their tarps are made in China


What happened there?


Turns out there wasn’t 10 people happy to hand over a mill to Norf




Fair point well made


Some talk around that Wingard out for 2-3 with a calf injury. We play them in 3 so hopefully they are cautious with him


Burgess leaves for arsenal.


What now for The Recruit?





Yeah, his fitness type doesn’t really work in AFL more suited to soccer i’d say.