Season 2018 - Fremantle


Thought that was funny too. More to the point - when he ■■■■■ up this time next month and they sack him are they legitimately gonna ask for the 5k cheque on the way out? Lol


He would want to play a lot of good football this year. …


Disrepute! Disrepute! Disrepute!


storm in a teacup. next.


Painful watching Ross blood kids and play exciting football. To quote Bill Murray in Space Jam

“Larry, that coulda been me”


Ross the boss - "geez Louise you scrup alright. Who knew! "

Staffer - “oh so I don’t normally look good?”

Hurt her feelings. Can’t possibly go on in my day to day life without getting upset or work again!


position untenable, essendon should take one for the team and hire him for his 2nd chance.


Getting RTB is a double whammy cos it gets rid of Harvey as well.


i’ve never wanted something so much in my life.

except dustin martin at essendon…


Would happily take him at Essendon


AFL machine in to action.


LOL Ross Lyon.


Considering Freo were the only ones to stand up for us, I don’t think it’s right for us to make fun of them.


This is starting to gain traction over here.

The fact that the AFL is comfortable for club to pay off a complainant to make things go away is of significant concern.

Also, you can guarantee if it happened to be the stats guy who followed a pregnant junior staff member around a work function passing commentary on her chest or attire, that guy would have been fingered, publicly shamed and dismissed faster than the speed of light.

That it happens to involve a senior coach seems to have confused the AFL on where it stands on this type of behaviour.


I actually can’t beleive more hasn’t been made of this.

You simply can’t sexually harass anyone in the workplace. Full stop.

And it can’t be condoned.

The AFL has done a masterful job if you consider covering up sexual harrassment a positive.


I reckon this story isn’t going to go away like the AFL or Fremantle wants it too.


Victorian media doesn’t care. We have bomber to go aFter


Good point.

Timing in life is an underrated commodity.


Apparently the media has the video and isn’t publishing it yet.


If it comes out and it’s bad there is no defending.

AFL can no longer hide the ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■.