Season 2018 - Fremantle


Ross the Boss


Not in the public interest worth losing their AFL accreditation?


Please let Freo sack him. Please.

Then we can grab him; he isn’t the best at building a team but ■■■■ he can coach one with talent and that’s EXACTLY what we have.

I don’t care if he titty shagged a dwarf and then jacked it over a granny, he’s the perfect coach for us.


He’ll be fired today or tomorrow I suspect, that’s the word here



Out: Neeld


This aligns with what @armyofpoon was saying about a coach being sacked


Welcome to Essendon, new Development coach, RTB.


Coach swap with Freo anyone?

Actually could trade Worsfold for Lachie Neale. We can find another coach.


And Hird will take up Lyon’s offer to be opposition strategy assessor and does it at Essendon…


Yeah let’s go grab a coach who’s constantly been a bridesmaid, driven freo into the ground after their GF, proved nothing over his coaching career success wise, is old ,and give him a job somewhere at the club just after he’s been given the sack because of a scandal. What could go wrong. Wont bring any attention or any drama.



You mean a coach that’s got ■■■■ sides to contend for a flag on 3 occassions?

Our last flag was got by one of the most underachieving premiership sides in history.


This Shtick is getting old.



Be wob
Write letter to club about how it’s ■■■■
Goes on blast about not getting one of the better coaches of the last 15 years

Clap clap clap


Shorter version of what WOB said:

LOL Ross Lyon.


I would take a friggin’ streak video at this point.


no idea what this means.


One of the better coaches?

The bloke is a joke



Aside of his coaching ability, which I don’t rate, your fkd in the head if you think it’s a good idea for Essendon to pick up a coach who’s just been sacked due to a scandal