Season 2018 - Fremantle


You begged Xavier to get the club to be unsociable and winning.


How’s ross’ win/loss ratio the last 4 years?






POON delivers


shows we are getting better at it - at least we’d be picking them up after the scandal and not before


Thomas was coach for the streak



Agree with WOB 100%
Ross Lyon is a joke and a flog, don’t want him anywhere near the side


Lol proved nothing?! He got within a bees ■■■■ of taking an ordinary St Kilda to TWO flags and got an even worse Freo team to the GF.


you know, the game has changed a bit since near on 10 years ago, even 4 years ago since freo got up there.

Has won 15 of his last 51. BRING HIM IN. ROSS THE BOSS


Game has changed a bit since Woosha won a flag as well.


He’s rebuilding a team, those stats don’t show the full story.

They’re 3-4 this year and their 4 losses have been to the Power in Adelaide, Giants in Canberra, Eagles at Optus and Tigers at the G.
You may not like him or his game style, but you’re on another planet if you think he can’t coach, he’s only behind Clarkson in my opinion in terms of the current coaches.


Ordinary Saints?
One season they were minor premiers and only lost 2 games before losing the GF.
The other they finished 3rd losing only 5 games for the season before losing the GF
Under Ross Freo also finished as minor Premiers one year and despite only having to win 2 home finals they blew it. The year they made it they still finished top 3 and had a good win in Geelong during the finals


The players in there I mean, he made them into a brilliant TEAM.


Overrated IMO.
Has choked twice when he has had the best side in the comp


That first Saints team was pretty ■■■■■■ good IMO. Had some legitimate A grade players


Fark me, the alternative facts and totally baseless evaluations presented here would even make Donald blush. In the context of footy knowledge and insight none of us would be worthy of a gig tying Lyon’s shoelaces.


They had guns, of course they did, but the bottom 6 were putrid.


They’d be in Carlton’s bottom 6!!! He’s an absolute masterat getting the best out of ordinary players by making them embrace nothing but the need for them to do their job. If they beat their men then they’ll back their A grade talent to beat the oppositions A grade talent. Our bottom 6 couldn’t beat up a corpse.

And to those that say he choked, the Saints players choked in 2009 on the back of poor goal kicking. He can’t help that.


Do not want. The players don’t like him.

I’ve heard the rumours of sacking too but sounds like people talking ■■■■. If it was going to happen it’d happen.


You can’t adjust your action against an employee based on public opinion.