Season 2018 - Fremantle


If not, can we still get Ross Glendinning in?

You guys have got me all amped up on the idea of having a coach named Ross.


Ross Noble is a good comedian, he’d fit in well at Essendon.


I don’t think he is overrated but he coaches for himself and leaves a shell of the club behind.
He doesn’t recruit for the future. He recruits for now and for his legacy.


Look no further


Neeld devised a game plan he thinks is in line with the defensively minded teams. And our line coaches & Woosh for that matter are trying to teach that and failing.

Lyon actually knows how to to do and how to teach it and how to get players to do it. And players not nearly as talented as what he have.

Woosh stays but I’d be all over getting RTB on as a senior assistant or that head of game performance that Neeld somehow has.

And also roll out RTB for all pressers as he treats the media like peasant nobodies.


2nd complaint referred to afl integrity unit (yes its a real thing not a twitter account).


Sounds like trouble for Ross


Cheeky Poon. if only id known about this forum a long time ago.

if anyones keen im getting lit as f tomorrow from 11am in the city Thommo style


As if the AFL are going to allow Ross Lyon to coach anywhere. He’s a fantastic coach and is building a decent team in Fremantle - deserves a premiership for mine, but unfortunately for Ross, we live in an environment where the term “sexual harassment” is applied differently. It’s application is wholly dependent on your status within the industry (and your financial capacity) in which the allegation is made. In this case, Ross is gone before he’ll even get to say his version of events because there is no zero regard (or existence of) for natural justice or procedural fairness.


You serious? Following around and making comments to a pregnant woman about her breasts is not an unfortunate situation, it is downright pathetic for a guy his age and standing. This day and age has nothing to do with it, it has never been acceptable to do it.


with IT on this, thats the stuff you’re weird uncle that you don’t want anywhere near your children does.


Well I never said that his conduct was acceptable. I was referring to the way (and process) in which these types of allegations play out in the media before arriving at a decision. That doesn’t mean I condone the conduct.


Ok, it reads like that though.



Ross was only admiring the Venus De Gummy Milo stuck on the girls dress


FREMANTLE board member Peter Bell has denied senior coach Ross Lyon’s job is under threat in the short-term.

Rumours have swirled this week about Lyon’s future amid the fallout from allegations he was the senior official who made an inappropriate comment to a former junior staff member and that a secret financial settlement was reached.

Bell was asked on his Perth breakfast radio program on Friday if Lyon’s position was in jeopardy in the short-term.

“No, it’s not, is the short answer that I can give you on that question,” former Freo great Bell told the ABC.


Just like Brumby becoming Premier, this might be the only way Sumich could possibly get a top job, simply by default.


The Freo board are very good at changing coaches without even telling the guy they’ve fired.


You’d reckon they’d at least give the poor bloke the Drum.

“What are you press guys doing here? I’ve been sacked, have I?”


Ross will not be gone.

This is in response to their sponsors joint statement to “explain publicly what learnings and organisational improvements have been made to the club’s practices and culture in the past four years.”