Season 2018 - Fremantle


Press Conference called for 2:30pm


hes not leaving, freo released some letter. good for them.


Why? He was never sanctioned and has really not faced any consequences. The club has paid everything for him and tried their best to close it up.



bets on when hes gone? i say bye.


its good for freo that they didnt cave to external pressure and get rid of a coach that has been guiding the club in the right direction, was the point i was making. Not sure what youre on about.


I am on about the fact he is behaving like scumbag and hasn’t been penalised for it.


Didn’t he reach a settlement years ago?


No the club did.


Isn’t the club the employer, therefore vicariously liable for the conduct of someone else?


Any publicly announced punishment is in essence an admission of fault, and would result in the position being untenable. If Fremantle doesnt want to lose Ross as their coach, then they simply cannot, and should not further punish him.


And people wonder why women find exposing harassment difficult.


It doesn’t need to be exposed if it’s handled behind closed doors. The woman accepted a payout. She must have considered that adequate. If she was hellbent on exposing the matter she could have blabbed to the media ages ago.


She has spoken out (behind the scenes because she is not allowed to make public comment - so she has been blabbing to the media behind the scenes) that she is still very unhappy with how it was all handled. Ross basically got away with it, she was harassed until she had to quit her job (which is the payout stuff anyway) and now people are saying it’s all good.


Not unless the conduct happened in the course of their employment.


She was harassed 7 years ago and resigned last year. There is only one allegation of harassment, so it’s not a case of continual harassment to the point of having to leave. She can only not speak because she voluntarily entered into an agreement not to, an agreement which netted her a sum of money.

I feel you are painting quite a different picture to what it actually alleged to have occurred.


And I feel you are quite happily taking the side of saying men should go unpunished, especially men who are important like a coach.

Ross Lyon has never faced any consequences for his actions, the lady has.


Did it not though? I find it really difficult to make a judgement based on the facts available (what the MSM purports to be the facts) but there is still liability on part of the employer, if the conduct occurred outside of work, but at an official function.


I’m not taking his side, but I don’t feel he ought to be sacked for it.


No, personal behaviour like this doesn’t count. It’s used in circumstances such as if a truck driver crashes into someone.


Well that’s where we differ, I think he should be.

If the AFL and their clubs start taking a tougher stance on harassment then you might start seeing a change in society. But if they just keep paying hush money and sweeping it away everything just continues.

If the AFL sacked 3 people then why can’t the coach be sacked for similar behaviour?