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Because it’s not similar behaviour.


No, they had consensual affairs but were still sacked because it was the boss doing it to a sub-ordinate. Ross was harassing someone against their will, it is much worse, yet he has faced no real consequences as yet.


So they’re not similar at all, so the comparison between the two instances are moot.


This is what I don’t get why did she wait 7 years, why didn’t she report it at the time?

Annoys me how some of these women wait years to say something.


Interesting. I didn’t think that was the case, I thought in Stephen Keenan v Leighton Boral Amey, it was held that there needed to be a “sufficient connection between employment relationship and out of hours conduct”. In that case, Keenan was alleged to have sexually harassed a female employee but it occurred after the official event organised. Because "the social interaction which occurred there was not in any sense organised, authorised, proposed or induced” by the employer. In other words, it happened after the event authorised by the employer occurred/ended.

Happy to stand corrected though.


Think you pretty much just gave a good example of why.


I have no issue with what the woman has done. She went to the AFL (I would think) and it only seems to be coming to a head now because the experience has dragged on this long and she’s had enough.


There was more to it than consentual affairs, I’ve heard one was flying his consort around the country into luxury hotals and the afl was footing the bill


It was reported the very time it happened, she didn’t wait 7 years, it’s just that it came out now.


Oh then that’s different.

Only if more women can be like her and report the incident at the time.




Those two statements aren’t contradictory


Well they are to me and all the other comments aren’t the best imo. I don’t agree with anything you have written.

I lean very, very heavily to the side that says society has to get far more serious about how women are treated and shyte like this is not how it should be done.


That’s fine.


If it happened seven years ago (source?) that means it would have been one of the very first things he did there.

I guess they weren’t interested in sacking two coaches in rapid succession.


Yeah I looked into that. I cannot find where it was that far ago but rather just a “handful of years ago”. The women lodged a workcover claim in early 2017. He was appointed at the end of 2011 so it would have been at the first Christmas function if 7 years ago.


Ross the Boss hehe


My suspicion is that Lyon has issues around workplace relationships, and at the same time has a poor reputation with the footy media - Maybe not quite at the Malthouse level, but the media is running hard on this as a form of payback.


Well, we can’t have that, can we?


I think PoonMan was saying an esendon coach? this aligns with neeld