Season 2018 - Fremantle


4 days later


i replied to the post that said RTB in neeld out.


There were many people running with that here


bennell injured his calf again in the wafl


You want to hire a bloke whose last 70x games coached has resulted in 15x wins? With a record like that you’d be excused for thinking he had to deal with having 1/3 of his list suspended for a season…


Injury or “6 week injury”? Either way, that’ll be him done for good.


Apparently still playing this weekend


Hearing Colin Sylvia has died in a car accident


…really hope that’s not true


Yep just heard the same


That is terribly sad news. Ripples will felt throughout Sunraysia. Some posters in here knew him better than I did and he had a solid group of mates and good family.

Very likeable off field.

Rest easy.


Sad news, but likeable off field? Didn’t he kick his girlfriend in the head and threaten to kill the witness? And also was charged with spying and harassing another girlfriend, including filming her as she slept? And used stolen credit cards at a brothel?

Like I said, sad he’s passed but his treatment of women was appalling


Sad he died but he was hardly a great guy.


I chose my words specifically.

He was likeable.

His past has not been whitewashed. People are just dealing with his death at the moment.


Can’t say I’m a huge fan of men than assault and harass women, but each to their own I guess.


That’s not what I have said.

Regardless of your thoughts, there will be many sad people feeling the loss today. That is what I was pointing out.


I sure hope that when I die, people won’t remember me for the worst thing I’ve ever done.


I played footy with a bloke down here who was best mates with blitz fav brad green. Met Silvia a few times and always seemed nice, but if a scallywag.
Regardless of what he did maybe a bit too soon to start going on about any possible indiscretions.
If that’s all you got just don’t say anything.


Well think about that the next time you’re about to commit genocide


Wimm said worst thing. Genocide is not good, but his praise of Hartung is another matter.