Season 2018 - Geelong


Dangerfield, Ablett and Selwood (well yeah that don’t rotate him through the FL).


Id add Duncan and there are a couple of other who would develop if given the chance


And Duncan.
And Kelly.
And Menegola.
Who would all get games for us.

Problems aren’t in midfield. At least not at winning the ball in midfield. They need to improve their defensive pace and intent through there. And they’ve got the most mediocre ruck division in the league IMO.


Kelly yes, Duncan no, Menegola no. They go missing when the heat comes on quicker than people change the thread title for Long.


Interesting stat that came from a Cats bloke at work is that in the 8 years Scott has been there they have only had 4 players drafted in that time that have made top 10 in their B&F.
I’m yet to check if that is correct but if so it’s clearly indicates a problem with talent ID or development. Doesn’t help that they keep trading out all their draft picks


H/S this morning has Geelong trading Lincoln McCarthy to Brisbane.

I thought they delisted him yesterday.

For me, the arrival of Kelly and Ablett has diminished Duncan and Menegola’s roles significantly, and they’ve suffered badly. They still have Fogarty and Constable in the magoos, presumably being groomed to be senior mids.


Don’t tell JBomber, he believes they are on the right track with their trading of recycled players from other clubs


Geelong chasing Stefan martin, good move they need a decent ruckman


This may work as part of the Neale to Lions, Kelly to Freo scenario.

He is older though. Cats really trying to load up to make something of next few years it seems.


Martin turns 32 end of this year.

Not sure he has much value at all.


Why wouldn’t Geelong look at getting Darcy from Freo to ruck?
Could tie it in with the Kelly trade.
Darcy is also a Geelong lad and I’d imagine he is related to Tim?


You’d think not a chance Freo would let him go. Sandi is barely hanging on. He’s their man.


I’m fascinated to see how things work out for Geelong (and Hawthorn for that matter) over the next few years.
I just reckon at some stage they have to tip massively over the edge and they are going to be in carlton levels of ■■■■ with their lists. Especially Geelong. They still rely heavily on the big 3 and seem to have nothing coming through. Every year they go for top ups… Gary Rohan ffs!!!

In a year or two Ablett and Selwood will be gone. Will they try and trade in a gun to help out Dangerfield? Even if they do, Danger will then only have 1 or 2 years left and they’ve got other holes all over the place.

At some point, one of these clubs is going to have to bite the bullet and go all in on the draft for 2 or 3 years.

Sydney at least have been able to add some quality young players from their academy, so they might be able to keep going like they have for the last 10 years


Geelong are massively cooked. Rohan? Lol


Cats hoping adding Rohan and Dalhaus will keep the ball locked inside 50 longer.


Dalhaus I get, Rohan I do not.




Its a weird one.
You’d think of all clubs, Geelong would insist on young.
Dude’s 27.
Is he gonna be of any help in three years?
Are any of their kids gonna be any good in three years?



Can smell the ferals starting to turn on Scott…


If you’ve got 99% of your eggs in that basket, maybe it makes sense to make it 100% ? Anything else is going to be a bit of a fig leaf.