Season 2018 - Geelong


Personally I think Geelong are ■■■■■ for not agreeing to this trade. Picks 20 & 22 is a very good deal for this guy.
They’re quite happy to play the go home factor to get players in


idiots. good luck to them.


Rohan looks like he’s really busy at times but then you see he’s had only 11 possessions on conclusion of the game. Not C Rioli type 11 possessions either. 11 bog-ordinary possessions. It’s hard to say what would have happened had L Thomas not slid into him studs up resulting in a broken leg because he was looking like being the player promised as a junior but it hasn’t happened so far.

Good luck to him at Geelong but I feel a he’ll be playing a fair part of his two year contract in the 2nds.


I saw a bit of the TAC finals that he was in…as was Ben Cunnington…and possibly Jackson Merrett too (I don’t remember, but if he did play, he made no impression on me).

Rohan struck me as having all the physical attributes, but no real brain for the game. As opposed to Cunnington, who did have a head for the game, despite lacking leg speed.


Tim Kelly’s wife has spoke out against Geelong saying they gave minimal support to the family all year and it cost a lot of money to fly family over to help her and Tim and they have always lived with family.

Way to dig yourself a hole guys. I have zero sympathy for a bloke who got a chance to be drafted after 5 years of trying and being overlooked by both WA team at least twice in the draft he was taken in. Then sooked about wanting to go home BUT not to Fremantle.

It’s a ■■■■ situation especially with a child with additional needs, but you don’t go talking ill of a club who can only do so much financially due to salary cap rules. They cant fly your family here and set them up for a year. So they are trying their best. They already give the family access to the club doctors whenever they need it.

Hats off to Geelong I say. They clearly value Tim more than you guys value footy and believe they can make it work.


That’s pretty poor.

I understand wanting to go home for family reasons if they are genuine (ie Beams to Brisbane / Devon Smith etc) but as you say, for him to say: “Yeah, nah, just to West Coast thanks.” Is a huge cop out IMO.

This is a club that actually gave you a chance at the highest level 12 months ago and showed faith in you. This is the AFL and it is a cutthroat business but if you aren’t prepared to play in a different state, work at the absolute peak of your game, remain professional at all times, move away from family, sacrifice all your time and energy into making sure you recover properly to get up week to week etc, then I have one simple answer for you, don’t aspire to be an AFL footballer and don’t nominate for the draft.

You don’t have to be a footballer if you don’t want to be one.


Tim Kelly is a gun player who nearly won the Cats B&F. He did all his talking on the field, and to bag him for wanting to go back to WA on his terms is just BS. His Wife is also entitled to state her views.

He clearly places his family first and will get more support for his final year at Geelong. Players have so little control over their lives and still are expected to perform at the highest standards, be loyal to the jumper and just quietly accept the abuse from farkwits. Sure most get paid well but it is for a short time and being an ex-AFL player does not assure you of good future employment. And for farks sake, who would go to Freo if they had a choice.


If you’re that keen to go home you play for anyone. I dont agree with the current trend of wanting to go home but to only one club. He isn’t a free agent.


Apparently he has had some serious issues with Ross the Toss. Would have possibly gone to Freo if he wasn’t there


I like this Kelly guy, now.

LOL Ross Lyon.




AFL players are one of the only athletes on the planet who can make every career decision based off what they believe is in their own best interest at all times after initially being drafted.

This isn’t the NBA/NFL where players can get flung to the opposite side of the country on a moments notice by their team whenever that team sees fit.

Isn’t there a rule that if you are picked up in a draft by a team you don’t wish to go to that you can decline it and go back to doing whatever else you like?

If he only wants to be an AFL player on his own terms after playing one season at a club that showed a tremendous amount of faith in him to give him the chance that every boy grows up dreaming of having, then I don’t think it is the sport for him.

He’ll be out of contract at the end of next season and will be able to go wherever he likes, until then, suck it up princess.


Yep this is not NBA/ NFL where draftees get Millions to sign and then perhaps hundreds of millions if they cut it.

The average AFL players plays for about three season for a total of a million bucks, and then he has to find a real job. The players are the game, nothing’s exists without them, and they are made to spend their first two years where they are told to go, and some then get forced to move to other Clubs.

More power to the players and Fark the AFL, who regulate everything. The players do not even control their own image, signed away on Draft Night.

Kelly will be at West Coast in 2020, probably play two more seasons and then be on the scrap heap, good luck to him whatever he can get. He will live a long time after footy and needs to make his stash now.


These are adults we are talking about. Suck it up. Im sick of these precious 18+ year olds who cannot bare to be away from family… boohoo

By 21 years old I moved away from home from WA to QLD to Victoria, got a job and started univerity. If I got paid half as much as these guys doing something I loved, I would go wherever I got told and see out a contract and be loyal.

He didn’t need to get drafted and could say: I don’t want to leave WA. Wingard did it to get to Port.


You hero.


If Paul Connors was Kelly’s manager the partners story would have come bang in the middle of trade week - does no good for anyone coming out now


No it’s called being an adult and realist.

You cannot just go to your boss and say “Hey I want to go to company XYZ” mid contract.

By your reasoning of Fark the AFL and more power to the player means you couldn’t give 2 stuffs about the clubs who invest hundreds of thousands into players who sign up to join knowing full well they could be drafted to any club in the nation.

You dont see half the complaining in any other code in US sports. In my eyes if you cannot handle it, don’t sign up. Play local/state league footy.


Yes you can. You are free to break a contract and pay any penalty. Your Boss cannot cannot sell you off to another employer, but AFL clubs can, so comparing this is naive and childish.

AFL invests money into player development so the best players play the game and continue the massive income. Clubs are just pawns of the AFL.

Bet you may see it differently if you were an AFL or one of your kids was.


XThis story is an absolute joke considering he refused to go to Fremantle! There was a perfect option for him to go home for the support he apparently so desperately needs and for the Cats to be rewarded for taking a punt on a mature age player with pick 24 in the draft.
He said no. He made a very deliberate choice, STFU and deal with it.


So he desperately wants to go home, just not home to Fremantle because…? Feel pretty hard to feel sorry for him. Also feel maybe they should have voiced their concerns about club support at a time other than trade period and probably not to the advertiser? Feels like a pretty ■■■■■■ strategy to force a trade and it backfired spectacularly.


I still think Geelong are a bunch of ■■■■■, especially their coach.

But they should make a rule that if a player chooses to break a contract to request a trade, the club he’s leaving can choose the trade that is best for them. At the very least, the player should be forced to nominate 2 clubs.
If the club is booting out a contracted player, the player can choose where he goes.