Season 2018 - Gold Coast


But the will be inspired to play at the highest level.

2010 Port were playing in front of tarps in an AFL stronghold…

My best mate was a die hard League supporter. Now he watches every AFL game each weekend. The Suns might be ■■■■, but I think a lot of that lies with the set up and original list decisions.

2 years ago Brisbane were in the same trouble. They moved on players who didn’t want to be there and started again. This year they played competitive attractive football. They didn’t win, but have a lot of upside. They are now able to target and bring in talent.


Juniors anyway. Bigger growth rate than anywhere else.
As Swanboy says, issue is with grounds.


I’m not so sure the GCS are going to be as crap as everybody says. Lynch didn’t play most of the season, May was crippled half the time. They were majorly interrupted by the Games, next year will see another batch of talent, the ones that are already there will progress more under Dew. I think the mature aged - hacks - will provide a sufficient alternative to playing kids too early ensuring there is at least some competition for a high draft pick.

I think Dew got given an shitstorm to deal with, like Wossha, but is working through it and with time will come out a lot better than they were under the Rocket/Ablett era.


I tend to agree with this. Clearly Dew is essentially starting them from scratch. I reckon we’ll get a reasonable idea this year how much of a contributor Dew was to Sydney’s success. He’s sort of going with a bit of a sydney model of grabbing a lot of discards from other clubs


They delisted or traded more than a third of their best 22.
They haven’t had a good injury run since McKenna left so I don’t have confidence that it’ll change greatly next year.
They will take half of the year just to ‘gel’.
By then, the season will be gone and they’ll probably tank.
I actually think Carlton will win more games.


In my mind they made the right call to clean house and reset. Short term pain is going to be the reality but I think their culture and playing list needed a massive overhaul.


There’s a difference between “moved on” and just plain buggered off.

They may as well put their base in Cavill Avenue.


In reality a number who left had been there since the start and could probably see a rebuild on the horizon.

It was funny, was listening to the Brisbane Bears review on 1993 the season that was, how they were out at Carrara in sheds and how the facilities were rubbish, Sydney wasn’t much better facilities wise.

Fast Foward 30 years and GWS are talking about how they operated out of tin sheds at their home ground, and how they paused for the last post when the RSL below their main office played it. Suns operated out of Sheds at Carrara (even if their ground got a nice revamp).

This year is the first year that they can access their full facilities for a full preseason. Players have moved on which isn’t a bad thing if you are trying to reset a culture which hasn’t been right since the start.

I think this time they are doing what they should have done in the begining. Brisbane reset, got rid of the people who didn’t want to be there and seem to be doing ok, hopefully the Suns will do the same.


I’m not convinced these guys will be as uncompetitive as everyone thinks.
I think they’ll finish last, but imo their list is still better placed than Carlton’s (and a few others around the bottom) for long term success.
There are a lot of relatively early pick, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year players still on the list and many of them will be battling to get a game still, so that’s a good sign. Carlton’s depth is completely buggered. They’ll be relying on guys like Tomas Bugg and Darcy Lang to be their depth and they may even have to play plenty of games.

If Gold Coast have a good injury run, they could easily rustle up 4 or 5 wins I reckon. More importantly, they have to keep the list together from now on. If Dew is a decent coach, this will be a good development year for them and they’ll start to show something in 2020 imo, because the talent is still there.


You know Hawking predicted the existence of small black holes? Well one exists on the Gold Coast and it sucks sporting teams into obscurity. Its time to bite the bullet and move GCS to Tassie. Then the only question would be Hobart or Launceston. You would have to go Hobart. Surely ?


Campbell town or Ross.




Reckon I would take the current GCS numbers with a doubling of population in the future myself.

|12,557 |14/07/18 |Australian Football |AFL: Hawthorn v Brisbane Lions|
|9,007 |23/06/18 |Australian Football |AFL: Hawthorn v Gold Coast Suns|
|13,007 |02/06/18 |Australian Football |AFL: Hawthorn v Port Adelaide|
|15,741 |28/04/18 |Australian Football |AFL: Hawthorn v St Kilda|

|18,102 |11/08/18 |Australian Football |AFL: Gold Coast Suns v Richmond|
|10,776 |28/07/18 |Australian Football |AFL: Gold Coast Suns v Carlton|
|13,061 |14/07/18 |Australian Football |AFL: Gold Coast Suns v Essendon|
|13,637 |30/06/18 |Australian Football |AFL: Gold Coast Suns v Collingwood|
|10,181 |16/06/18 |Australian Football |AFL: Gold Coast Suns v St Kilda|
|17,490 |02/06/18 |Australian Football |AFL: Gold Coast Suns v Geelong Cats|


If we’re going on projected population then the next AFL team should be in Melbourne.


Actually, if we’re going on projected or even actual population, then the next AFL team should be in Tokyo or J-Berg.
As should the last two, imo.


With 4 clubs just on or below 40,000 members reckon there are enough Melbourne teams.


But a point was made that the Gold Coast was going to have a 700k increase in population by 2050.
Well… Melbourne’s increase is predicted in the many millions by then.
Just saying.


Werribee or Hopper’s.


Or Bacchus or the 'rat.
I don’t know where these two or three or five million more people are gonna go.
If it’s up instead of out then getting rid of VFL Park looks sillier every year.

Just sayin’ that an extra 700k in 30+ years ain’t all that.


Did T Cochrane go ape during the week?