Season 2018 - Gold Coast


Hard to tell - baseline comparisons are a bit thin on the ground.


One is a market that is well serviced by many teams, one is an emerging market which is one of the main markets for a competing brand of football… Where the game is making enrodes at the junior level.

It took many years to get the Swans up and running, and the league has benifited greatly from the forsight. Move one of the Victorian clubs to Tassie if you like, since their ‘away’ games will mostly be in Melbourne, you might get a Lions type crowd boost at their away games.

I dare say it will take just as long with the Suns.


I’m not sure yet that making enrodes is a positive


Same prediction this year.


I’m not arguing against a team in Sydney.

Gold Coast may eventually be a successful club. I doubt it, but it’s possible.
My point was that population will have little to do with that, and even if it does there are other more populous places, or will be.

I don’t think GC add a damn thing to the AFL.


I can’t see Gold Coast ever being financially successful while they play at Carrara. I went to the big bash last night and even after the Commonwealth games that ground is terrible to get to and from. They have to put a stadium somewhere that is easier to get to or significantly improve the transport options somehow


There is a big planned expansion of light rail. Not sure if that will tie in.


not sure it was ever planned to go there. Unless they do it will always be a crap experience going to the footy in GC.


I don’t know (or care)

But it really shouldn’t be hard. It’s only about 5km out of surfer’s itself


Blitz seems convinced Gold Coast will struggle. Like the Pies in 2018, the Tigers in 2017 and the Bulldogs in 2016.


Yeah nah…Gold Coast will do a much better job of struggling than those clubs did.

Having said that, I think they’ll be reasonably competitive most of the time. It’s a resetting year for them. The important thing is to get games into the talented guys and keep everyone at the end of the year.


Gold Coast should sell their home game against Essendon to Tassie.
Tassie fans get to watch us and they pull in a bigger crowd and make decent coin out of it.
Launceston please.
Some victorian was supporters might even make the trek accross the strait.


What sort of crowds do Hawthorn and North get in Tassie?
I’m pretty sure Gold Coast had about 17000 against us this year (or maybe 2017), so I would think Tassie would struggle to top that.
Plus if they’re going to sell a home game it will be against a low drawing club


How does playing in tassie help build footy on the Gold Coast?


I could see them improving.
Too many kids on too many lines to be consistently good, but I could see them being like brissie this year.


how does playing on the gold coast help gold coast?


Beer man posted up above.
13061 for bombers.

Confident would get more in Tassie, as hasn’t been a game played here for 20+ years involving the bombers.


Tassie avg crowds under 12k this year. Lowest since 1992 which i think was fitzroy.


Yeh but ■■■■ teams playing.
Hawks north and interstates mainly.
Efc v pies in a preseason game would pull 12k imo.

Suns v Ess would pull more than hawks v suns as they have 4 games to choose from.



Any idea how big businesses plan for future expansions?