Season 2018 - Gold Coast


Hmmm Ice cold Tassie v Sunny Gold Coast, I know where I would want to take my Football holiday…

Jam it, its a game I can go to.

On getting there, I have said before park at Cnr of Boowaggan Road & Robina Parkway, Merrimac. Carpark has staff to watch cars, no line for the bus, at the end of the game, next to no one is going there so little to no line, and traffic control to help you back into the traffic, so no massive delay like at Nerang Station.



A business case won’t stack up if the extension were only to primarily service a sporting stadium. You need a residential hub or an economic activity centre. The key thing is that sporting stadiums are used 10 maybe 20 times a year. You go to work 260 times. Ergo the need for it to be a commuter route to have legs.
I know this is a wee bit late to the convo, just adding in my two cents since it is part of what I do. :slight_smile:


I feel like the gold coast as a whole has accepted that tourism is their economic activity.

But yes, point taken - Carrara is a golf course, footy stadium and about 2 suburbs. In 10 years those suburbs will have built up a bit and the economics probably stacks up.