Season 2018 - Gold Coast


With the Commonwealth Games finishing this s week I’m wondering why the GCS’ first game at Metricon is 53 days away. Surely it doesn’t take that long to get the ground fit for footy again.


The fan must be furious.


Watching the athletics last night and a full-house at Metricon was a strange sight. I reckon we had just as many supporters at our game there last year. They were just as loud anyway.


Joel Wilkinson, about to sue the AFL , the SUNS, the Coach, the players for racial and sexual abuse.

Apparently he is from the #METOO generation.

Footy locker rooms will never be the same.


Is that a bad thing though? The whole locker room mentality is so far out of alignment with society, it’s about time it got shaken up.


Not bad, Blokes just keep getting caught out being “blokey” so eventually there will be more respect given.
Ways to disrespect will just have to become more subtle.


Bold move sueing anyone with a pulse.


Sexual abuse?


Sexual harassment.


What sort of sexual harassment would a Sudanese kid get at a footba…ohhhhhhhhh.


I mean he’s Nigerian, but I assume you’re still correct.


How many Coming to America jokes must one man face


They all…never mind.


Wakanda forever


Average Home Attendance (2011 first year in the comp)

2011 - 19,169
2018 - 14,270



They’ve only had one game at Metricon this year so that figure will probably get worse!


2018 Games featuring 2MP - 0




■■■■ Gold Coast, ■■■■ Mark Evans, ■■■■ the AFL. ■■■■■■■ fold. The country doesn’t have the talent for 18 clubs.

The Tasmanian Saints it is.

The games is at a serious junction. I’ve spent 2.5k in memberships and have barely watched a full game all year on TV. I doubt i’ll renew next year. Can’t spend hours watching this rolling mall of athletes that have worse foot skills then me.
The spectical is getting worse week by week. There’s at least 5-6 ■■■■ games every week. I haven’t watched a single game this year and been blown away by the talent and spectical.


Yeh but in the first year those averages were inflated by traveling fans. Like myself i even headed up to see the new stadium year one.