Season 2018 - Gold Coast


I heard on the radio today the afl are trialing 10 of 32 suggestions to improve the spectacle of the game next season and going forward. They will implement at least a few of these for 2019 so hopefully that improves things because i agree, the congestion has ruined the game.


Wonder if one of those suggestions is a Handicap system … :thinking:


Why would they need to trial that? It’s been in operation for many years.


Again, fold

I’m certain they will never be good and I’m certain they will fold one day. How long will the afl give them? Another 4-5 years?


Totally agree with this.
The AFL are just ■■■■■■■ money up against the wall.

Christ, a rugby league team can’t be successful there, so there is no hope for an AFL team. It’s absolutely bonkers.
People talk about Tassie as an alternative. Cairns would have more hope then Gold Coast

Edit: If the AFL are so desperate to continue blowing money on the Gold Coast, they have to build a stadium somewhere else. It’s actually not a bad stadium, but it’s so ■■■■ to get to


I heard the AFL is going to appoint Hird as coach (without making the required character checks with Essendon, mind you) and will then declare the the club bankrupt and closed two weeks later.


absolute rabble of a club


Lynch out for rest of season with a PCL and you’d think that’s it for him at Gold Coast



the focal point in the foward line.


Allegedly the Pies, Tigers and Hawks are the three clubs most interested or likely.




AFL will pay him outside the cap to keep him up there


That’s already known and he is still considering moving back to Melbourne and playing with big crowds and big games.


Surely this will be the final death knell for them. They made their own bed, they can lay in it.


Could have had hooker and pick 19 for caddy, but demanded more and ended up with pick 15.

■■■■ them


They ain’t going nowhere.
Will be another year or so of compromised drafts coming up


He is a decent player but not for what he will cost. Two first rounders would be the starting point, probably need a player thrown in aswell


Surely the club wont let that happen


And Lynch has finally come out and declared he is outta there. Wants to play in Melbourne next year, would probably get the Suns pick 3


Club almost needs to start again. Monumental screw up by the AFL from the outset.

As much as I am for the growth of the game I hope we pick their carkass similar to the quality kids Pies took from GWS.

Feel like whilst Smith and Saad look like huge wins we could feast a little more on both clubs, particularly a hapless Gold Coast.