Season 2018 - Melbourne

It’s the Paul Connors argument. I can’t stand him, but if I needed a player agent, I’d want him.

Pity when Bomber came to Essendon he did bring his people with him.


“and now that I know that…gee he was lucky to escape from that evil mastermind Hird”

/s .

Can’t believe this post has only got 2 likes. This is gold!

Looks like Hibberd has done his quad

Ouch! That is going to cost him 3 - 4 weeks, and won’t do their finals chances any good at all.

Two very big holes in their backline with him and Lever out.

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Quads are closer to 6-8 weeks. May not be back before finals

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Melbourne’s season could very quickly unravel from here. They’ve only won one since lever went down and they’ve now lost Viney and their next be intercept player in pig.

Could just open space for us.

Questions will be asked of goodstuff if they miss the finals again. He’d survive, i suspect, because that’s fashionable at the moment.


CBF looking myself - would we have preferred them to win or lose?

It’s best for us if everyone loses.


Harley Balic has retired from the AFL at 21yo.
Seems to have lost the passion to play

Shows good form with Freo after injury.

Then claims home sickness and also doesn’t play for rest of season.

Traded to Melb

Gives the game away


I would too if I just played in a world cup final

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He was certainly a name mooted here last trade season.

Scuttlebutt seems to indicate other factors behind his “retirement”.

Is there a softer team in the 8 than Melbourne? I just don’t get how a team that can’t beat anyone decent can be embedded in the 8. Soft draw yeah yeah, but it baffles me. And I wouldn’t mind if they did well.

They’re ■■■■. Horribly overrated.