Season 2018 - North Melbourne


Early 2nd, I thought - 23?

edit: never mind, I’m probably wrong.


Pretty sure Dawks ended up with Burton from one of the picks they got for Anderson, possibly Hardwick from the second.


Did J Waite take that famous screamer from a few seasons ago on C Hooker?


I suppose its to try to draw a defender away from Brown and still averages over 2 goals a game.
Same theory as Joey and Hooksy, similar stats.


Jake Carlisle


Wasn’t it Walker who took that grab not Waite?

Edit: unless I’m thinking of a different one


Ah yes I’m thinking of walker. I don’t remember waite taking a screamer against us actually


I’m glad it wasn’t on C Hooker. That FRANKLIN! GotY was tough enough to endure.


Any time I try to picture Waite or Walker taking a high mark, it’s them flying over the pack and fumbling with the ball below their waist with a stupid look on their face.


I know it’s poor form to quote yourself but on Good Friday football

The AFL is open to having other clubs play on Good Friday and would not only consider well-performed teams, but also whether the occasion would work better with one bigger club participating, as opposed to having North Melbourne playing either the Bulldogs or St Kilda, which is what has been trialled to date.


Well if they want a big or good team we’re at least one of those things.


So North Melbourne and St Kilda didn’t play the way the AFL wanted them to.

Sounds like a memo requesting no lacklustre football will be forthcoming.


It’s alright, they’re big manly men, they can take it.


Good Friday or not, the Saints should be disgusted in themselves for losing in the fashion they did to this mob.

One of North’s 3 wins for the year. They are horrific and were made to look like the Harlem Globetrotters after Half Time in that game due to St Kilda’s complete ineptitude.

Carlton & Brisbane are both beyond ordinary but at least their lists are generally in good shape for the medium to long term future. North are not only terrible but have the worst list in the competition to accompany it.


If North beat Port today thei will probably be on top of the ladder for a couple of hours, at least.


They’ve already gone ahead of us after cleaning house. Let that sink in.


Collingwood played in GF’s against brisbane, bottomed out rebuilt and won a flag, rebuilt again and on the way up. We have lost a few finals in the same period.


It’s weird we’ve won a spoon but still never truly bottomed out.


We’re so bad we can’t even bottom out properly.


Their VFL team went goalless today