Season 2018 - St Kilda




Nice putting a tick next to Brandon White. I had to look to see who he was the other day. I’d have thought Luke Dunstan, although middling, would rate higher.


HS article talking about how they were going to breach the salary cap in 2011 but AFL alerted them of the ‘error’ and they ‘worked with the AFL’ to ensure it didn’t happen.

What a crock, so they broke it by 500k and the AFL let them rectify it in the background and kept it quiet.

Meanwhile ess and Carlton got smashed for it at the first opp they could.


Were those Ameet Baines selections?


Saw this and couldn’t help but chuckle!


Feels like I have been hearing they have been on the rise for like 5 seasons now…


They’re a shambles. No guns, bar maybe Steven. Their kicking into their forward line yesterday was atrocious.


LOL, Matt Finnis throws his support behind Richardson. Like he did with the Essendon players when he was running the AFLPA? Full credit to Stanton for standing up to him during the saga.
Lethlean not taking a high profile.


St.Kilda draft small/mid forwards like they’re going out of fashion, just like we draft half-back flankers than hope to transition into mids one day.


I want to laugh, but until with progress from Essington mode, I can’t.


mccartin diagnosed with 7th concussion in 4 years. give it up son.


Should’ve played for Essendon. Would be called a “knock” and he’d still play every week.


… in the VFL


Ah that’s crap, such a great footballer. If he does keep going he is going to risk some serious long term consequences.


What a farkin tragedy.


Not good at all. Should call it quits, it’s not worth it.


looks like a bad day for the Saints…it looks like Josh Bruce has broken his leg and Jake Carlisle has punctured his lung


One game only with a punctured lung?


Not much info on at this stage


That’s some training injury

Port will flog them senseless this week