Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


And Walls.


And Murphy.


The private jet rofl

You should have heard how sad Sam McLure sounded on SEN the next day he was convinced pretty much all year that Shiel will be at Carlton lols


im still disappointed that he didnt make his way to our list. although we may not have been able to commit to him with Shiel on the cards and the picks involved to satisfy GWS. if Will can get on the park i could see him being a very good player.

that being said i wanted us to pick up Matthew Kennedy and as it turns out, hes showing signs of being a spud


Same we were all fooled that one game where he kicked 3 goals.

Reckon we dodged a bullet with him.


Setterfield would have struggled to get games or made some youngsters already with us to miss out. We couldn’t of got Setterfield without a decent player getting shipped off.


I think that was the same game where Raz went berzerk and we were all excited that we finally found a small forward. the umps handed that game to GWS on a platter that night. pretty sure Kennedy scored those goals from terrible free kicks as well


Yet another further game where the maggots were BOG for our opponents.


I always feel ill when I see Ray Chamberlain or Matthew Nicholls name on the team line up sheet.


Yep, you go through some of the recent premiers and each of them have about 5 or so players who were either off the rookie list or 3rd-4th round picks (or traded for something similar).


They are still paying the price for their drafting/trades from between 2012-2014:


Troy Menzel - Pick 11 - 40 games - No longer at club
Tom Temay - Pick 35 - No longer at club
Nick Graham - Pick 54 - 48 games - Still at club (Spud)


Patrick Cripps - Pick 13 - 81 games - Yeah he’s an effing jet!
Cameron Giles - Pick 39 - No longer at club
Nick Holman - Pick 51 - 9 games - No longer at club (now at Gold Coast)


Blaine Boekhorst - Pick 19 - 25 Games - No longer at club
Dillon Viojo-Rainbow - Pick 28 - 0 games - No longer at club
Clem Smith - Pick 60- 0 games - No longer at club
Jayden Foster - Pick 63 - 0 games - No longer at club

10 players from 3 drafts and just 2 are still at the club, and only one is a genuine AFL quality player. These are all decisions made before SOS arrived. Compare our drafting across those years (and you have to take into account the draft sanctions we received thanks to the ASADA/WADA stuff.


Joe Daniher - Pick 10 - 100 games - Still at club (GUN)
Jason Ashby - Pick 34 - 12 games - No longer at club
Dylan Van Unen - Pick 51 - 1 game - No longer at club
Marty Gleeson - Pick 53 - 69 games - Still at club (Good AFL player)
Nick Kommer - Pick 73 - 22 games - No longer at club
Sean Gregory - Pick 88 - 0 games - No longer at club

2013 (1st and 2nd round picks banned due to AFL/ASADA sanctions)

Zach Merrett - Pick 26 - 103 games - Still at club (GUN)
Orazio Fantasia - Pick 55 - 60 games - Still at club (GUN)
Patty Ambrose - Pick 26 Rookie Draft - 67 games - Still at club

2014 (1st round pick downgraded to the end of the 1st round - AFL/ASADA penalties)

Kyle Langford - Pick 17 - 47 games - Still at club
Jayden Laverde - Pick 20 - 30 games - Still at club
Shaun McKernan - Pick 12 Rookie Draft - 28 games - Still at club
Jake Long - Pick 47 Rookie Draft - 5 games - Still at club
Connor McKenna - Pick 62 Rookie Draft (International Rookie) - 51 games - Still at club (Emerging star)

We have far more players who are still at the club, and have got 3-4 genuine players who are or could be stars of the competition, with another 2-3 (Lav, Langford) who could make the step up as well. I counted rookie picks of note but the Blues didn’t have any.


Why’d you start at 2012 - 2011 had Josh Bootsma, one of the all time great picks!

What also hurts them is the guys who they’ve let go, that other clubs have gotten useful footy out of. Tom Bell and Dylan Buckley from 2011. Holman from 2013. Laidler from 2010. Jacobs, Garlett, Betts. Waite, Robinson, even Billy Gowers.

On and on and on.
Talent identification is just shitehouse, throughout the club.


What a pathetic farking rabble of a club they are.

Blight on this great game we play!


Surely we pummel them by 60-80 pts this year…surely ?


I can barely remember the last decent win we had against them


2011 was a pretty crappy draft haul for us. the only ticks were 2 rookies. Crameri and Baguley.
Crammers didnt end up being the player he was supposed to be but he ended up netting us Zach Merrett, so thats a pass mark id say :slight_smile:


Early 2014 was a decent win :+1:


Whether its 1 point or 100 I enjoy any victory over those flogs


Jackson merretts breakout game


Whatever game we absolutely mauled
them in the 3rd quarter. Was just beautiful footy. Joey and Tippa having a day out.

Can’t recall when that was