Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


Did it the same week as Begley.
And there’s no way you’d pencil in Begley as anything until the bye.


Listen, I know their recruitment is going badly, particularly mature age players, but I really don’t see Silvagni picking up a 62yo American actor.

Although he did look pretty good in Forrest Gump, and he’d definitely qualify as a Category B rookie.


Yes Graham got the chop at the end of 18.


I was in the Carlton cheer squad, fair to say it went pretty quiet in that third quarter!


By jingoes that was a glorious day!


Joey was wheeling em from 60 out on the day, Tippa steamrolled everyone in one of his first games as a forward. we annihilated them


My fondest wish for Caaarlton in 2019 is that they do a trade for Jack Watts. Make it happen SOS, make it happen.


Wow, you really hate Jack Watts


SOS hasnt done much. But the list he has assembled is better than the person who preceded him

Chris Yarran, Pick 6, 2008

Mitch Robinson, Pick 40, 2008

Rhys O’Keeffe, Pick 65, 2008

Caleb Tiller, Pick 80, 2008

Kane Lucas, Pick 12, 2009

Marcus Davies, Pick 43, 2009

Rohan Kerr, Pick 59, 2009

Matthew Watson, Pick 18, 2010

Patrick McCarthy, Pick 34, 2010

Luke Mitchell, Pick 42, 2010

Andrew McInnes, Pick 67, 2010

Nick Duigan, Pick 70, 2010

Josh Bootsma, Pick 22, 2011

Troy Menzel, Pick 11, 2012

Tom Temay, Pick 35, 2012

2008-2012 for us still on list

2008 Draft
5 Hurley
15 Mitch Brown (Cats)
23 Zaharakis
28 McKernan (Crows)

2009 draft
No one …altho Lovett > Carlisle >> Francis

2010 draft
8 Heppell
Dylan Shiel U17
GWS Concessions to under 17 in 2010 (He would have been draft eligible 2011)

2011 draft
14 Devon Smith (GWS)
Rookie Mark Baguley
Rookie Michael Hartley (NSW) (Collingwood)

2012 draft
5 Jake Stringer (Dogs)
10 Joe Daniher
53 Martin Gleeson


Is that pick 12 the Crows pick or is there some other pick they have already secured? Other than that last minute brain fart I haven’t really paid much attention to their trading but WOW, to have a list like theirs and have a poor draft position coming up is disastrous. Please please please AFL don’t give them a priority pick before their 1st pick & reward them for their incompetence.


It’s the Adelaide one.
That’s how I read it, but I remember being wrong once before.


  • Round one pick (tied to Adelaide)
  • Round three pick (tied to Adelaide)
  • Round four pick (tied to GWS)
  • Round five pick (tied to Adelaide)


  • Round one pick to Adelaide
  • Round two pick to GWS
  • Round four pick to Sydney
  • Round five pick to Adelaide

Edit: And I see I’ve missed that they’ve kept their own round three pick, so another pick around…#40?


I had to listen to Tom Elliott on the radio the other day.

He is a simple, horrid, selfish, extremely extremely stupid human being.

And if Carlcarnt have another awful year (which they will) then he’s going to be their president by the end of the year.



Even long showed a bit, Langford was red hot and Kommer laid one of the all time great run down tackles (admittedly on a plodding whatshisname key defender)


and the curse will continue, long may it reign. :slightly_smiling_face:


I remember sitting there at the G, just happy that the banned year was almost done. And then we got 40+ points in front and I was ecstatic!

Such a beautiful win!


Group of loudmouth carlton flogs (you know the ones) behind me left during the 3rd quarter.



I saw two people in Port Fairy today wearing fark Carlton regalia. But before the tar was warmed up and the feathers plucked, they left.


I think the talent will under achieve. There just hasn’t been enough leadership in the past few years and still choose to bypass the pressing need of bringing in leaders with success who can teach professionalism and the right way way to go about it. Beside Gold Coast every team has increased the gap.
However I’m thrilled they have chosen this approach.


Tippa’s baulk. My word, Tippa’s baulk.


And he quits before March