Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


David Teague?
Good lord.


I approve of this plan.

And I hope it’s an actual one, and not just a communications specialist who can’t write good.


I was very encouraged by this comment, although I’m sure it’s a typo and they meant to and not two.

The plan is therefore two-fold at Ikon Park.


Ha, I completely missed that the name of the club had been corrected each time in that article. Good work.


Aren’t they some (very very large numbered) cousin?


That was the best post-match crowd feeling of any game I’ve been to.


I may have walked past some bastardo cutting onions.


you are correct HAP

from an EFC article regarding Jackson Merrett in 2011 there is this bit

Merrett’s football bloodlines are strong. His great uncle was Collingwood champion Thorold Merrett, who played in two premierships for the Magpies in the 1950s and was named on the wing in the club’s team of the century.

_ Jackson’s grandmother is cousins with twins Alastair and Stewart Lord, who played for Geelong in the 1960s, and his father Greg is a second cousin of Essendon dual premiership player Roger Merrett._


So they’re 3rd cousins, once removed?

If they didn’t have the name nobody would’ve asked or cared.


Fark Carlton aren’t seriously going to play all of Curnow, McKay, Levi and McGovern in the forward line are they…?

What a delicious proposition.


Who are those Pelicans?


By improving their inability, does this mean they are going to get worse? So their big forwards are leading the way with their running. This tells me the smalls and mids are loafing around, when they should be in the mix.

As for scoffing at David Teague? Well how many in here and across the league scoff at Skipworth? It isn’t the name that counts, it’s the results.


You say this like it’s a defence…


l’m saying it like it is all too easy to jump up and down and react to a name, when we know next to nothing about what that person brings to a team.


It’s easy to pan him given he’s coached their forward line for 1 year, which has seen them drop from a pretty poor 72 pts a game to an abysmal 61 a game. As you say, look at the results.

Skippy was having the opposite effect. No-one rates him but he seems to make a positive impact wherever he goes, VFL to forward line and now midfield.


l am not disputing any of that. l am commenting on the propensity of Blitzers to judge based mainly if not solely on a name.


Quoted for CJ.
Read the article.
Watch games.
The Blues are the worst coached side in the league by quite some margin. One dimensional game plan, inconsistent selections, no hardness, they really don’t do anything much right. Trying to play Ross Lyon-lite footy when that’s very obviously been worked out, and never did work with young bodies anyway.

All of them are very, very lucky to be in a job.


Yep, they should have a game plan not dissimilar to M Knights ‘run & gun’ game plan, the good sides will do you over easily, but mid range & lower teams may struggle to outscore in a shootout.


I think there’s a lot to be said for balanced, unremarkable game plans. Just get everyone doing the basics.


What a lovely set of statistics provided by Champion data in that article.

Face it, Fark Carlton is hopeless at everything thats important in modern footy.

Will take as decade or more to fix.