Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


He will be given the chance, but not many coaches last the 5+ years it takes for a deep rebuild.

Clarkson did, but he won a flag early.

Bomber did just.


Yep. Agree they’ll cave and sack him. And when they do, that coach will feel the need to succeed immediately so they will trade out a bunch of kids or draft picks for established sh/tty middle of the road guys instead.

And around and around and around we go


I hope so. That would be a perfect outcome


What are you up to Wallsy


You might well be right.


Clarkson had 13 wins and played finals in his 3rd season.

Let’s not pretend this is the same.


I’m not. I was pointing out how hard it is for the rebuild coach to stick around for the success. Clarko was one of few exception.


Crazy theory but maybe winning games is good and losing lots of games is bad.


Obvious thread title change required.

Also: Fark Carlton.


During that Hawks rebuild there was a lot more quality senior players still there than what Blues do. And they were still there once they hit that first flag, Crawford on his last legs however!

It’s almost a complete knockdown rebuild underway of the Blues list.

There is a lot of quality youth now, fark all in the middle and then some declining older guys who will go in the next few years.

IMO still more pain before any gain for them. Hopefully some of their quality kids get raided during that down time and it keeps them down!


This was the top 10 of the B&F the year before Clarkson started

  1. Peter Everitt- 25
  2. Trent Croad- 17
  3. Joel Smith- 16
  4. Richie Vandenberg- 13
  5. Tim Clarke- 10
    = Sam Mitchell- 10
  6. Simon Beaumont- 9
  7. Mark Graham- 9
  8. Luke Hodge- 9
  9. Nick Ries- 8

2 of those guys went on to become superstars, (and I think Beaumont played in the 2008 flag too). But that is absolutely not a quality list of senior stars.
Which is where a good coach comes in. Sort out the Nick Rieses from the MHodges, and build and develop the Hodges into leaders and stars.

C*nton would love everyone to believe that they’ve done a solid rebuild at their list and Bolton is the new Clarkson. A cursory look at any of their games will tell you a) they still have a lot of old claggers running around and b) they suck at football.


Two things are sure to happen this season:

  1. Fark Carlton beat us
  2. Fark Carlton beat Gold Coast by 127 points (whilst we only beat GCS by 8)


I just can’t see it happening. I know… famous last words.


I think Carlton have found some pieces of the puzzle which will make life difficult for some teams.

Cripps is a handful and their tall forwards of Curnow, McKay and McGovern are pretty good.

I really like some of their younger kids, SPS is a tough workhorse, Dow looks promising. Walsh and Setterfield are unknowns but have Hype. As much as people on here trash them Thomas and Murphy can have their moments and trouble the opposition.

Whilst certainly not looking like a superstar Weitering is capable but their backline is where they really are still in trouble. Docherty is a massive loss.

Depth is what will crush Carlton later in the year as the injuries mount up. If Bolton’s smart he will rotate players (especially younger ones) heavily to reduce the load. And if I was Bolton’s walsh would play senior footy till R5 onwards. Not a great look for your team when a kids walks into the midfield R1.


Last years loss was the making of our team. Coaching changes were made, players woke up to themselves, and the game plan from then on was great to see.

There’s no way known our list will lose to that pathetic rabble of a club.

Players, coaches, the club and us supporters were embarrassed by that loss, it still farcking burns for me. Lots of their players are talked up by the media but ffs excluding Cripps who is a genuine star, how many stars/match winners do they have?

Curnow? Give me a break the kids only played 40 games and who really knows if he’s going to be the star the media makes him out to be.

Murphy’s body is farcked he’s only maybe worth considering as an ok player. The word star is used so loosely these days, let me tell you Curnow ain’t no star. But, and if by the time he is he’ll be carrying a forward line of a nothing group of players.

Excluding Cripps there’s not one other player on that list who could get a game in our 22.

Too many people here give those carnts credit where none is due cause they beat us last year. That loss last year says more to me about our players on that day than theirs. That loss was the making of our club. 10 wins from the last 14 proves it.

I reckon they will win 2-4 games this year depends on how many times they play GC and Saints.

Fark Carlton.


I disagree not a good look.
He was the number 1 pick.
If he plays well in JLT and is rated better than other fringe players, then surely they would play him.

Well number 1 draft picks that played early on in careers McGrath, Goddard, Gibbs, Reiwoldt, Cooney, Rayner, Scully, Swallow, Kreuzer, Murphy, Deledio, Hodge
Weitering was good early on then blues sent him forward and stuffed his development up and confidence.

Hodge still played 15 games in year 1, I thought he missed more.

I would probably say the ones that didnt play early in their careers were Talls and Bodies not ready to play AFL yet - MCCartin, Boyd, Patton, Watts.


16 of their 2008 premiership side were on the list for Clarkson’s 1st game as coach. Again thats not to diminish Clarkson’s achievements but to give it some perspective. Carlton only have 14 players remaining on the list from when Bolton started. I think Carlton absolutely have done a near bare bones rebuild while Hawthorn already had a better starting point when Clarko took over.


Why would you not play a kid because your worried about the optics of the situation? If your team is terrible, like Carltons’ right now, surely you’d be keen to pump as many talented kids into the team as possible, if they’re ready. It’s not like they can hide their lack of depth, by keeping the kids out of sight

Did Essendon fans get upset because McGrath was good enough to play in the seniors from day one?


If only there was some way the senior coach could improve or develop the list.


I’m not sure how anyone could defend Bolton at this stage. He’s had 3 full seasons with them already and made them worse then when he started.
Maybe they are rebuilding, but they’re absolutely miles off having a finals capable list. They need some miraculous development of some spuds or some supper drafting in the next few years or they’ll be relying on about 12 or 15 players carrying them to finals