Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


To be fair, some of their best players aren’t available - Jacobs, Gibbs, Betts, Tuohy, Henderson, Robinson


Not sure if you are taking the ■■■■? surely they can show more effort than that.




Figured as much just making sure


If you say so.


where are you seeing these scores?


Geez nino, I like you but that was massively dumb.

Not that it matters but do you need special permission to organise a practice match outside the 2 JLT games?

And I find it strange that players can pull out of the AFLX to play a practice match and the AFL not say anything


Don’t feel sorry for Murphy - he was eligible to be f/s selection for the Lions. They were keen, he declined…


is also a genuine A-Grade A55hole too


Final score was:

Hawthorn 12.5.77
Carlton 8.5. 53


Signing any player, no matter their pick, no matter their potential on a long term deal before they’ve played a game is the ultimate sign of a lack of confidence to retain young talent. Smacks of utter insecurtiy


Who wouldn’t want to sign up some of the best young talent to longer deals? Plenty of clubs have done this with the draftees they rate highly, including Essendon


Before they ever played a game? Fraught with danger



Year 3 and 4 are almost automatic.
Things would have to be catastrophically bad - Jack Watts x 5 - before you’d chop a pick 1 in the first 5 years of their careers.


I don’t want to defend Carlton, but if you’re worth pick one, you’re worth a club committing to you for more than two years


Boyd, McCartin, Scully, Weitering. I reckon all their original teams are pretty happy they weren’t signed on long term deals. Or at least long term deals that they were willing to uphold.


All those players have played beyond their initial two year contract and two of them were enticed away by other clubs with huge contracts.

You’re not really supporting your own argument here


All been delisted?


Boyd is garbage, McCartin is garbage, Scully was garbage for a long period of time, Weitering is pretty much garbage.

If any of them were drafted to Essendon and signed on long term deals I’d be pretty bummed about it.

Could easily put Patton into that list too.


Yeah but being bummed about something is your default position