Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


it’s not wrong though



So he chose to laugh in luck’s face?


Scully has always been good to very good. Didn’t take that long to make his mark.


Really? Been pretty average but for his past two/ three years


Everyone’s rubbish according to you.

Or just our players?


No not everybody, just those that are garbage


Fark Carlton.

Fk 'em.


Thanks for bringing the thread back on topic.


That final score really flatters them.

I know Cripps & Fisher were missing, but they were terrible and only made headway once Hawthorn rested a fair few players and started experimenting a bit in the last.

Walsh was streets ahead of 3/4s of their players in terms of desire, skill and just plain effort, it was laughable.

A fair chunk of their backline helpfully kicked it to the opposition regularly including Garlett who did it 3 times in 10 minutes.

Barring them finding the cure for whatever reason Phillips and Lobbe weren’t playing, T-Bell and Smack ought to smash the stuffing out of the slightly animated carbon rod (Casboult), just like McEvoy and Ceglar did.


Scully was very good in 2017. He was a bit stiff to miss All Australian.


Hawks were missing plenty of their best 22 too.


Lets see how they go on Thursday. Hawthorn switched off at 3/4 time. We should aim to switch off half way through the first quarter and play touch footy from that point on.


Nino doesn’t like that plan.


Only clubs who are desperate sign up draft picks to long term deals without them playing a game. It’s a Carlton/Brisbane/Gold Coast kinda move. You wouldn’t see Hawthorn, Collingwood or hopefully Essendon doing it


Or is it because they know SOS wouldn’t have been able to resist a swap of 3 GWS rejects for Walsh in 2 years time?
“Look guys, I got us three new players for the price of one!”
*would have probably included farkCarlton’s 2021 first round draft pick also


Did the 2019 #1 draft pick Liam Stocker play? if so, did he play well?


Even McGrath was re-signed in his second season (early of course)

It’s not a crazy move, but probably highlights that some of Carlton’s issues are off-field. They’ve lost a lot of very good players overs the last 5 year’s


and with good cause!


Don’t players just ask to be traded nowadays, even with years left on their contract?


And Fev would be all over it too
He probably had a multi on it