Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


sos has done more damage to 2 teams lists than anyone since wallace.


He had 39 touches in his 7th game.
2nd in that year’s rising star.


If McGrath had blown his knee out in his first pre-season do you think we would’ve let his contract run down?


They didn’t lose them, so much as throw them out.


And it’s amazing how many of them seemed to be better after they left


Weitering is a farking good footballer who unfortunately for him landed in the fark carlton development system. I’d love to have him at Essendon.


clubs with ■■■■ development need to stop getting talls and prematurely playing them.


I agree, saying Weiting is garbage based off one injury riddled season…give me a break!


Debating whether I purchase a reserved seat or risk trying to walk up to Thursday evenings game this week and scan in using the membership via the app.

Unsure what capacity at Ikon is these days but surely wont sellout one would think.




i hear Sam Walsh is the greatest player of all time. and he hasnt even played a game yet!


I remember when Weitering was the greatest ever. Carlton will find a way to ruin anyone.


How many of those cups have AFL written on them? Yeah. Not many.


Stay on the bottom of the ladder kents


Five year plan:

-Think big Carlton style

-Talk big Carlton style

-Oh yeah, debts we’ll worry about that at some point but in the meantime let’s deal with cash money off the books and someone tell the intern girl to stock up on brown paper bags.


They’ve finally got a number one draft pick, so why wouldn’t they back themselves in?




I look into this thread and it takes every milligram of restraint not to nuke the topic, permaban AB , delouse and incinerate my phone and fire it’s remains off to Alpha Centauri and beyond.

Good grief.


A 5 year plan to destroy the careers of more top talent. Will be fun to watch them explode - steaming pile of filth.


CARLTON’S five-year mediocrity blueprint looks on target in 2019.

Fresh from a unspectacular JLT, the Blues say they couldn’t have had a more successfully indifferent pre-season.

The men from Ikon Park started their quest for an underwhelming 2019 when they appointed Robert Walls last October as a coaching mentor.

Walls, who hasn’t coached since 1997, was the standout candidate when Carlton went looking for someone hopelessly out of touch with the modern game.

The former Navy Blues centre half forward famously tipped West Coast to win the wooden spoon in 2018.

Before Walls gave coaching away in 1997, his last seven seasons saw him achieve only a 31pc win rate.

“He was really a perfect fit for us in terms of meeting world’s worst practice KPIs,” one Blues insider said.

Following on from Walls’s appointment, Carlton’s off-season continued to lurch from one disaster to another.

At the National Draft they swapped their 2020 first round pick with Adelaide’s, guaranteeing the Crows number one pick in the draft. Carlton will likely end up with a pick in the 14 to 18 range.

A highly indifferent Trade Week saw the Blues miss out on their Big Fish Dylan Shiel, despite flying him in a jet to Noosa. Instead, the Blues ended up landing Sydney’s 12th best backman, Nic Newman.

The brummagem Blues capped off their abysmal trading for the 2019 season by picking up Collingwood VFL player Alex Fasolo.

Fasolo showed he was willing to adopt Carlton’s miserable culture when he broke his arm while drunk in a play fight at a party in January.