Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


We need a new thread for this - The amazing resurrection of journalism!


Does anyone remember how did we go in the JLT, spectacular-wise?

Nevertheless, and especially, Fark Carlton!


Cups? That would be egg cups then.


Yes, but hitting an egg on that blokes head, you would need a coddler. Full hot air and gas.


Don’t all clubs have a master plan to achieve ultimate success with lots of members and strong financial. Plus, in today’s climate, ensuring it meets society’s expectations for equality and tolerance and inclusiveness.

What Fark Carlton want is what all other clubs want - or should want.


except where other clubs have walked the walk with these things. e.g. Tigers, us, Pies, they just like saying theyre going to do all these things. theyre so desperate for something to stand for that its pathetic. they just exist down the bottom and long may it continue. I think @Aceman was saying at their last game of the year last year that they were chanting and happy clapping at the end after one of the worst seasons of all time.

Fark 'Em


and Sheedy gave the 1983 post-Grand Final celebration a massive blast for being happy they’d made a grand final. Where the ultimate prize is what they should be celebrating.

You need a plan. But I think these plans are sustainable in achieving their goal(s) only when the people involved genuinely believe in it. Fancy words and slogans may get an immediate positive reaction but it won’t sustain you through the hard work (and difficult times) that is required if the fundamentals are not correct.

and yes - Fark 'Em


I was at that game, a mate of mine scored Medallion tickets through his work so I tagged along. One of the chants I heard across the sparsely populated Etihad (it was still Etihad) crowd was “WE HATE ESSENDON”. Such an Everton/Man City/Chelsea thing to do, sing songs about a club you’re not even playing against on the day…


They’re next in line as a club to sell what’s left of their soul and produce a FarkCarlton version of the Doggies Marvel superhero strip.

Lots of likes awaiting Photoshop versions of what it would look like.


The Carlton super hero jumper:


Fark Carlton should merge with Frankston. Between them their lists should almost be competitive in the VFL.


They are going to get pumped by the Tigs tomorrow night should be fun


Is that part of their strategic plan?




Kudos to Fark Carlton for being true to their plan


Carlton reality check coming up on Thursday Night.


want to see at least one story titled “Is Sam Walsh the worst #1 Pick of All Time?”


I’d prefer a headline of ‘Sam Walsh, the best #1 pick of all time, asks for trade after one year at Blues’


To Essendon


Realistically, we could probably talk Weitering into it. make him a champion Key defender after Chook and Hurls retire

he looks lost as a player at FCFC