Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


They need a coach, is what they need.
Look closely at when any good coach starts somewhere, and look at a list with new eyes.

Suddenly old guys are playing new roles, fringe guys become serious players, and the whole team looks like they’re working on one plan.

That doesn’t seem to be happening at Carlton.


Because they are meant to be improving and have a history of burning pick 1s early in their career from throwing them in the deep end.

It can’t hurt to have the kid play 5 games of VFL in the midfield before stepping up. Also has the added advantage of showing everybody you have to earn your spot. No favours for high picks. Just because a kid trains well and plays some JLT time doesn’t mean they are AFL ready.


I’ll have a shot.

They’re absolutely miles off having a finals capable list.


It could hurt if that kid could have helped them win a game in the first five rounds and instead they go 0-5.
If your Bolton you select the best team, that might win you a game so you can keep your job.


Its not so much I’m defending Bolton only pointing out that comparisons to Clarkson are not exactly fair. I don’t think we are in much of a position at all to know what Bolton is actually capable of. I personally rate Carlton’s list as having far more potential improvement than it did when Bolton took over. They have virtually no mid aged core atm but I think its fair to say their under 23 brigade is the best its been in recent memory. Of course thats not just on the coach - their list management & drafting appears to have improved (from a very low base) so for mine its really the next 3 years, if he gets them, where Bolton’s ability to develop players & a winning gameplan will get a proper test. PS - I hope he fails miserably!


If Sam Walsh is the difference between winning and losing a game in the first 5 rounds Bolton should just quit now.




H Goddard
C curnow
M Kennedy
C McDaid
J Silvagni
Z Fisher
P Kerr
T Williamson
A Schumacher
De Koning
O Brien
B Silvagni
L Stocker
S Walsh
F Odwyer
M Owies

I reckon 4 of them would be best 22 at Essendon.


Well if he’s not ready don’t play him. If he is give him a game. I don’t understand what the issue is


Wouldn’t be surprised if Weitering leaves Carlton in the next few years(no idea about his contract situation).

He is a high draft pick, kpd that has shown potential so offers will come if he and/or Carlton don’t improve.


Plenty of clubs would be making very attractive offers. his potential is massive and if hes down on form, they could pick up a bargain. I remember when he was drafted that he was an extremely driven and serious kid. the lack of success and loss of confidence as a player would kill him. another season or two like last year and Weitering wont be the only one they have to worry about


Yep, people write these young kids off too fast.

He showed a lot in his first couple of seasons, which is unheard of for key position players.

He’s broken but can be fixed.


You’re kidding right? Love to know your thoughts on which 4 scum players would come into our 22 and which of our players they would replace.


His record against us over the past 3 years is 3 wins 2 losses.



(I’ve resisted the urge to insert “Bears” into the Brisbane thread.)


Righteous update.


What chance is there that

  1. In 2019 they beat us?
  2. By the end of 2019 their young players progress more than ours so they look closer to flag 17?
  3. They are above us on the ladder at any stage of the season?

  1. 85-92%
  2. Nil
  3. Nil
  1. Darren Bewick


I didn’t suggest they were better than us only that the group you’ve posted is a better young group than what they had when Bolton started & I believe its better than they had under Malthouse & Ratten.
Curnow, McKay Wietering & Marchbank is a very talented KP group emerging together, Fisher & P-S both are improving mids & their fans would have to be happy with what Dow & O’Brien showed in their 1st year. I’m not going to suggest just yet that Walsh is a lock to be a gun but again for mine its pretty clear that group right now has more potential than its had for some time. Bolton now has talent to work with so I believe the next few years will be when we can see what he is capable of.


It’s certainly a list of names of probably footballers.
To me there’s 2 legit AFL players, another couple on the fringe, and a loooot of guys who’ve done SFA.

If you think they’re great, good for you. but I don’t really see how that’s a feather in Bolton’s cap, though, that he can’t get them to play together.