Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


whats the bet they sack him in the lead up to our game


Murphy out for a few weeks but they’ll be stronger with Cunningham, Kennedy and Lang all back in


Kennedy and lang are utter sh*t


Kennedy can’t get a game for them, he is utter tripe



He played last year with an injury and had his pre-season this year was wrecked with injury until the last few weeks.


Their obsession with ex-GWS players has been by and large an unmitigated failure. The only ones who are senior football quality are Marchbank and Plowman, and they are just solid citizens, not stars. Remember when they traded Pick 7 for Wiley and Jacksch? Absolute stinker. SOS is a poor list manager. Bolton’s overall record is 16 wins from 75 games, 21.3% (I didn’t count his caretaker spell at Hawthorn, just his tenure at the Blues). I think if they finish with less than 4 wins he will go.


Clearly Woosha’s.

After we lose by 8 points despite having 29 more inside 50s but only 5 more scoring shots.


In theory you could see what they were trying to do, when drafted highly rated players with a year or two development behind them getting in on 2 or 3 for 1 deals.

But problem was they were being let go for being no good! GWS was just happy turfing their trash and making out like bandits with high picks again


We probably could have got a second round pick from FCFC for Edwards, Aylett and Giles.


We could probably still get that now.


Hopefully they absolutely exhaust themselves against St Kilda. It would be grand to annihilate them and scalp our first 100 point win for years.


@Titus: please ask them to sign up Worsha.


Yeah I’m not laughing at them just yet.


Why? Why would you say something like that???


You just know they will tag Shiel for the whole game. Just so they can say Shiel is a dud and they dodged a bullet .


We won’t even need to do that much to Setterfield.


They have some talented youngsters but not a big number of them. Their list overall is trash.
I went through it in detail in the off-season. Their best 22 is ok, and that’s assuming their high pick youngsters from the last 2 drafts play and turn out ok.
After that, they have virtually no depth at all that is any sort of high pick and most of the guys outside the 22 are either recycled or late to rookie picks who have shown nothing over multiple seasons.

Plus inside their best 22 are old guys who are still playing better than plenty of others in their best 22. Eg Murphy, Thomas, Simpson.

Bolton is a dud no doubt. Hopefully they sign him up for longer soon. And SOS


Carlton were fantastic last week against pies. They showed they can really play good footy against the best in the business. How is that possible if the coach is a complete dud? Their inconsistent performance suggests a club-wide review is needed, starting with the playing list.
Has there been some experiment taking place where human genes have been spliced with goldfish and nobody can remember past 5 minutes ago?


Yeah nah, they’ve won 4 out of the last 44. Everything is on track. Hopefully they think that and they extend Bolton’s contract any day now for some stability