Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


Win-Loss sack the coach might suit the media and fans but it is hopelessly superficial. How quickly clubs rebound depends on the quality of their managerial decision making, which is so much more complex than such a pathetic one-dimensional narrative.
Carlton have some good young talent but they don’t have a competitive playing list. That’s where their review should start.


I’m not disagreeing that their list is ■■■■ too. SOS needs to be extended as well to give him time to get it right.
I’d say 5 year extensions are the best thing for both of them


We had a few good wins under Knights.

Really, it’s very hard to tell from the outside the quality of the coach- but Bolton is putting together the kind of record that is so bad it simply demands change.

Another issue is that for his first two seasons in charge, Bolton went the “slow rebuild” and kept the side semi-competitive by using experienced players. The rebuild narrative is all wrong.


Wonder how much we lose by


Back to me again.

My biggest worry is we have a bucket load of talent and they’re just not getting developed right.

A bit like Carlton except they don’t have a bucket load of talent. Just a bucket.

Fark Carlton.


Not sure if a Worsfold supporter, or not.


Which is a huge assumption for any club. Dow, Kennedy and OBrien look like good average players to me. Curnow is flailing.


I hope they haven’t folded by the time we play them.


I agree with you. They really pushed Collingwood, also Richmond in the first game, and they’ve played very well in patches in other games too.

They get beaten when the opponent fights back and keeps pressure going right to the end of the game.

That spells danger when we play them, because we have shown little or no heart to fight back when our opponent has got on top. My fear is that Carlton will jump us, and we’ll drop the bundle and stay behind.

That’s what we did in the JLT. I do not understand why most people here are assuming we’ll murder them. To me everything is pointing to another shameful defeat.


I hope Carlton blood-let. I hope they sack Bolton, SOS and everyone else. I hope they do this to satiate the fans’ desire for a quick fix and the media’s desire for a story. I wish the tigers did the same at the end of 2016 because the instability of getting rid of hardwick and peggy may have stopped them from becoming a powerhouse team for a year or so.
Bolton has never had a list which is remotely competitive during his tenure. This means the W-L is almost completely irrelevant. Measuring player development, the coaching staff’s connection with players, the quality of the football dept program compared with top clubs etc is far more relevant to his performance evaluation.
In terms of replacing Bolton, the relevant criteria is whether they have with a high degree of certainty a replacement who they know is a better head coach and/or will succeed at senior coaching level. That would be true if they had clarkson or C Scott lined up. And that is not at all connected to Bolton’s W-L ratio.


I hate how the media keep on talking up Aaron Bucket as this year’s Rising Star though…

But seriously, remember when Sam Walsh was the best kid to come out of a draft since Paddy Dow who was the best kid to come out of a draft since Jacob Weitering who was the best kid to come out of the draft since Matthew Kruezer? Carlton have a long history of bringing in talented players and seeing them spiral into mediocrity.


I don’t think I’ve seen a high draft pick with worse footskills than Paddy Dow. Misses targets under no pressure, he’s just a nothing player. Walsh is good, he was a safe #1 pick and to date has slotted into the AFL as if he’s a 100-game player, but I’d take Rozee ahead of him having seen him play.


Do they?
Or do they have a long history of talking kids up before they’ve played a game??


Very important announcement - Fark Carlton supporters have started a petition to ensure Bolton is not sacked:

It would be only right for Blitz to throw its full support behind Bolton.

Once I have signed this I am off to start the don’t sack SOS petition.


They seem to have a huge hardon for taking the most ready-to-go kids, rather than trying to work out who’s going to end up best.

And history tells us plenty of the real gun mids in the comp (particularly larger bodies) were sort of nowhere at 17-18yo, and went pick 10 onwards (think Fyfe, Jobe, Danger, JPK, Mundy - even Cripps himself).

[ Also part of why I think it’s stupid to complain of Dodoro picking flankers-who’ll-move-to-midfield.]

Carlton time and again take the most finished article at that age. The payoff is that those guys often don’t have as much improvement left in them. And so they’ve ended up with a side full of virtually the same player: smallish to medium size, largely middling pace, middling skills.


Have to agree Carltons better picks have been later first round ones - like Cripps, Curnow and McKay


4 wins out of 44 games. Sheesh.

Fitzroy won 3 from their final 44 games. Do we get to shut this mob down?

For perspective , we won 3 of 22 with most of our 1st picked players banned in 2016. And arguably should have won at least another.


I think Bolton is doing an absolutely wonderful job at Carlton.