Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


He’s clearly got the old adage the wrong way around…


The real question here is can they suck so much to actually perform worst than Gold Coast in 2019… I don’t think that will be possible but one can only hope,


if they do they should have to merge with them


Imagine a Gold Coast and Carlton superside.

(Spoiler, it’s Gold Coast but with Cripps and Doherty)


Less Essendon’s Jack Martin


Edit: Wrong thread…


I assume the point is you should be quoting selectively. Chop off the final full stop?


Based in nimbin


Did anyone come back after the long break? Must have been hard for them to do.

Fark Carlton.


2019 is the year they finally fold isn’t it?

Fark Carlton


Nightmare if hes out injured too


Nup, they just pick the phone to Jeanne and get more Visy money.


18th and they’ll ■■■■ us


Cheer up boys, at least we will get pick 1…oh year thats right, the deal…


nothing surer


A huge loss.

Who is he again?


A big bodied spud


Port and Crows fans will be kicking themselfs for not taking Francis when he was up for trade if he has a break out year this makes me giggty.


Had a weird dream last night we were playing them in this years grand final but in my hall way. It was then revealed kruezer would be out due to doing his knee after beating Richmond in the ensuite


When he dropped the soap?