Season 2019 - Melbourne


On Demonland “what to do with Petracca” someone expressed the view he was lazy with no tank.
That maybe why his midfield minutes are restricted.


Viney in injured and will undergo scans today. Could be up to 5 weeks.


To me it seems as if the club as a whole, players, coaches, administration, supporters, expected progress to be linear and that they would just make a GF as a matter of course. There’s an element of drinking their own bath water about them. You like the Dees and Saints up man for man and you’d take the Dees in terms of individual talent, however St.Kilda showed them up for workrate, toughness, organisation, togetherness. All those aspects are not related to talent. My tip on what will happen is they’ll do what we did in 2018. Ultimately they’ll rediscover their form but it will be too little too late, and this start to the season will cost them a finals spot.


Exactly. Petracca has the same talent but is half the player of DeGoey


So how do you do a trade for May, then have him turn up unfit/fat.

Either he was that way when you did you dillagence, or you allowed him to get that way after the trade. Either way, not good.


They need to get Petracca up on the wing. His best assets are his turn and delivery inside 50, which is exactly what they need. He’s a big lad, but lacks the strength of the uber HF types like DeGoey/Martin. You put a genuine defender (ie. Hurley) on him and he gets found out.

Get him running up and down a wing and he’ll solve a lot of their problems.


The only top draft picks melbourne should go for are the ones self motivated enough to turn themselves into stars, your angus brayshaw if you will.


Unfortunately the same can be said of us in the first 2 rounds but thankfully we have turned it around.

Talent only gets you so far.


Jobe was considered lazy by Sheedy and needed a kick to get him going. He’s still young. Look at Stringer and how he has turned it around.


jobe also self motivated himself to improve, and wasn’t hand held? got his own kicking coach, worked on his fitness?


Yes - after he was almost traded. Someone needs to give that lazy lump of a Melbourne forward a kick. Will leave that to others (as he’s a lot bigger than me, and I am happy for him to be ■■■■ as long as he plays for Melbourne and not us).


One Melbourne player from 2018 has improved.

Dean Kent


Clubs do not own players. They are not usually under supervision during off-season, and are expected to be professional with their fitness, maintaining a certain level. This is on May, not the club.


Ive always been of the view petracca should be a midfielder




Let’s not forget they effectively gave up Josh Kelly for Tyson and Salem, great move that was! Paul Roos probably still thinks so


Salem is decent, Tyson was a plodder, pretty sure there was a draft pick going back the Dees way which got them Hunt. Kelly though is absolute silk. If you knew the result of it beforehand you’d have kept Pick 2 every day of the week…


He was not almost traded. That’s Sheedy storytelling fantasy land stuff…


It’s a problem they’ve had for a long time? Same thing happened in the late 2000s as well, just expected to make finals, didnt look like working extra harder to do it.


You should keep pick 2 regardless unless you are going to get 2 top 10 picks. Giving up pick two is fraught with danger.