Season 2019 - Port Adelaide


Wines is having surgery today but will only miss 6-8 weeks


Fair whack from Ollie’s brother


fair bake that.


Quality, well directed, rant


That should stop Kane from getting a big head.


Understand that, I assume Ollie’s brother, is coming to his defence, but he’s got personal there. I don’t think KC is out of line in questioning whether a professional athlete getting paid close to a million dollars a season should put his health at risk by waterskiing or parktaking any any other activity that could cause injury.


I’m with Harry.


kane is right to ask the question.
But you cant wrap these kids in cotton wool.
would you prefer they stayed at home and played FIFA or NBA
If he has waterskiid since he was a kid, then risk was probably low.
Now it depends what he was doing, was it a accident, or was he showing off…it it was the second then maybe a case for Kane.

I would much prefer a player to miss a few weeks with a waterskiing injury than breaking a arm out on the grog helping a mate, or through a club suspension for driving over the limit, or do their acl falling over in the shower with the Mrs.


i’m with Harry also.

Its easy to sit back and judge even if you are paid to do it.

the whole Cornes family are flogs


There are 700+ farkin young male players in the league. Every now and then, someone gets hurt outside footy. BIG ■■■■■■■ DEAL! jesusHchrist what a bunch of farkin morons. Get this - the kind of player that would submit to being severely physically restricted during off season, is not the type of person that would ever make it at elite level. NO ONE sits around doing farkall waiting for the season to start, OK?


Rio Ferdinand once injured his knee playing PlayStation because he kept it still for too long. True story


Not to mention all those that put themselves at severe risk of death through deep vein thrombosis by taking long plane flights in their time off.


Like Brad Ottens gardening?
Or the not insignificant numbers of people who die each year from becoming entangled in their bed sheets?
Feel free to suggest any other activity that carries no risk of injury.

Due care is one thing - Cornes promoting his “controversial “ views as click bait for self enrichment is another.


One of the Nankervis brothers did his knee jumping up to change channels on the TV…before remote controls.


Yes but more injuries (no stats to prove this) are when actually playing, or higher risk on the roads getting to games / training.


sounds like theres a lot of spot fires going up all around port. Krazy Kane Kornes just adding more insult to injury. no pun intended


Gavin Wanganeen joins the board at Port and becomes the first indigenous ex player to join the board of an AFL club


He’s still a bomber first though.


If Port are crap and Essendon are in finals window in Tex draft year, I still give us hope that he will select us rather than Port


True story.

I got naked with Graeme Studley Cornes in a Japanese onsen a couple of years ago during a trip in January. A couple of days later, we met three blokes who all played in the SANFL at the time. They were in Japan for snowboarding during the off-season. I said, “Merda! You had want to keep a low profile, Studley Cornes is in this resort. If he sees you, he will go ape”. “too late” they said as Cornes had already given them a lecture about how dumb snowboarding was at that time of year or any time of year for pro or semi-pro players. Cornes was also involved with the SA State Team and made it clear to all three players that their respective clubs will be finding out about their holiday and it would be best if they heard it from the players first and not from Cornes. Fair to say he was not very pleased with them.

But with us, he was delightful.