Season 2019 - St Kilda


They’re ripe for the picking if we are fair dinkum we will wipe the floor with them.


Not great news for the bloke and hope he makes a full recovery but geez the media throw around the “star” tag far too easily.


In that Saints side he is one of their stars

But that doesn’t mean much


Donnie East will be spewing.


Did you really have to?






Won’t be able to get under the coffee table, will we?


Sydney knew he was cooked.

Joe Blow down the Drouin pub knew this.

$800k x 5yrs for a broken down player.



Recruiting Hannebery:
Time for St Kilda to advertise for a new Recruiting Manager
Comments about Hannebery:
Time for St Kilda to advertise for a new Senior Coach.


Saints have definitely bought a lemon, and a high-priced one at that. Everyone barring the decision makers at St.Kilda could see he was cooked, yet they went ahead and signed him. It’s almost like they did it to try and prove everyone wrong. DH will be laughing all the way to the bank though. $800K a season for 5 years coming off 2 declining years at age 28. McCartin’s issues are bad luck, Carlisle’s too, but this they knew exactly what they were getting.


Im not sure why they pushed him in the preseason, just to get a good news fluff story?
Should have done what Hawks did with scully.
give a long revcovery time frame for the fans, build him up and get his body right, not try and rush him ready for round 1.
You would almost consider giving him half the season off. Repair his body so he can attempt to see out his contract. Saints year looks cooked.
But they do have an easy draw and should snag some wins.


St Kilda recruiting has been diabolical and any player over 25 should be looking for an exit. They got given a gift from the Hawks, multiple first round picks and have nothing to show for it through running around thinking they are smarter than everybody else.

They keep picking dud coaches with questionable records and a management plants based on AFL hQ recommendations.

We know how to manage players better so we will take a player with a medical condition which will effect his footy at pick 1.

Our medical team is better than everybody else’s so we will get a kid with hamstring problems who has never played a game.

Our recruiters and traders are better than everybody else so we will reach for players we shouldn’t and trade in player whos clubs think no good because we can coach them better.

Our medical team is better and our AFL Planted CEOs get the good oil so we will overreach for has been stars who’s bodies are cooked and has off field issues.

I blame Ameet Bain’s and that era for their decisions. The Carlisle trade crap was a good example of their attitude. They acted like childeren and squeezed only to cave in the end anyway chasing somebody they should never have gone after.


Now he focus on ruining the Bulldogs too :smiley:


Also worth noting that Mav Weller was delisted by the 'Aints and got a game round 1 with the Tigers. Another poor decision.


Playing in a good team is a lot easier than in a ■■■■ one…


A bit early to call that. Congrats to the guy for getting a game at his new club but he looked the same “just a player” last night as he did at the Saints & Suns. 6 years at the Saints & never averaged more than 16 disposals & only 1 year when he went at more than 1 goal a game. I think at this stage anyway, it would have been a worse decision to have kept him - list clogger.


He isn’t a list clogger at a team like Richmond, he is there as depth and will get some games when required.

List clogger at the Aints though.


You dont get a senoir game at any club if you’re a liability. Even if hes just depth, its a pretty massive statement about his worth as a footballer that he managed a call up. Its not like St Kilda are brimming with talent. Theyll probably think they could use someone like him midway through the year. I will be astonished if st kilda dont have a complete nightmare of a season


I didn’t say he was a liability I said he was just a player & there’s no reason at this point in time to suggest he’s a notable loss to StKilda or that getting rid of him was a mistake on their part. I don’t believe the fate of Stkilda’s season will be impacted by this decision. Yes they could have kept him but ultimately there’s no reason at all to believe he was going to get any better than a list clogger for them. Getting rid of him gives that opportunity to someone like Hind who of course is no guarantee to be of more value BUT I believe Stkilda are far better off taking that chance. I’d argue that hanging onto “just a player” types has been one of the mistakes we’ve made too many times post 2000. Role players are important & you can’t expect champions in every spot but I don’t think its great list management to keep depth players for multiple contracts -as a general rule.