Season 2019 - St Kilda


So I’m assuming Jake is the new Lance…


Does A Richardson have a speech impediment?


I dont think so. But he reminds me of Julia Gillard whenever he speaks


Had a look a St Kilda’s intraclub today, mainly to see how Nick Hind went as I liked him a lot. He was disappointing and didn’t get a sniff unfortunately.

Saints were bad, real bad, they are in a lot of trouble. Seb Ross a class above, the rest were plodders, missed targets and couldnt kick straight.

The new Morrabbin facilities are top notch, can’t wait for the VFL boys to play there.


So they lost their intraclub?


Maybe the recruiters were correct about Nick Hind after all

if so better judges than me and a few on this forum

but I still wish him all the very best except if he plays against us


is this actually true? i cant find a score anywhere…
im pretty sure one side was Sandringham


That’s FCFC type bad, …


You should find out what “intra” means


I went on Saints BF page and they are raving about how good they looked in the intraclub. Guess they have low expectations.


One word, deluded


I love their display case for the 1966 premiership. LOL!


Absolute basket case of a club. 1 premiership in 140+ years of history, tells you all you need to know.


They need to display the 30 odd wooden spoons somewhere in there too I think.


Kitchen drawer?


Sandringham is their VFL Affiliate side… its just that its St Kilda and too povo to have their own team


Irrelevant loser club, just like the dogs


Saints are in some trouble. Jack Steven is taking a break indefinitely due to mental health.


I suggest they might push the suns for second last position this year.

Absolute trash team with zero stars.


Well i would say Jack Steven is their only star. Theyre going to be in alot of pain without him