Season 2022 - Brisbane

Of course they would. “Nuthin to do with me Guv”… Here’s my bank details btw Chris.

Abusive, controlling father figure.

George Michael father figure.

6 year contract for Hipwood seems excessive….



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When I think of players worth the risk of a six year deal, Eric Hipwood is a long way from my thoughts.

They gave Hipwood 6 years? Jesus, thats essendon circa saga days type desperation

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I don’t like Hipwood, I believe he has a mean streak in him. Yes, he is tall.


Marcus Adams - out- concussion

That really is too bad for the guy. He is a quality player, but his ongoing mental health is far more important than games of footy.


Hope it ends in tears.


Actually not sorry.


■■■■ off Mckenna

If he’s in a hurry to win a flag why join Brisbane?

They’ll be up there

Been around the mark already now landed Dunkley, Gunston, Ashcroft#1 pick and McKenna

May they fall short again though & Joe give limp finals performances

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They are grand final certainties imo

Cant say that.
No such thing.

You only need a hot opponent on Prelim Final night to end that dream.

Having said that, falling short of a Final 4 finish would be a massive failure.


Brisbane are a good reliable side, but their key position players are garbage compared to other top teams. Daniher, Hipwood, Mcinerney, Adams or Payne and then Harris Andrews, who i think is well overrated.

dont blame him for choosing a team close to a flag. we’re a rabble, why would he choose us

hope he goes well

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the irony being dunkley has walked out of a club cos he wasn’t played in his preferred position and it potentially causing rumblings in general, to go to a side where his playing midfield time is going to impact other midfielders and HFF’s time in there creating rumblings.

also melbourne were supposedly certainties last year and should have been handed the flag in rd 10 apparently.

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