Season 2023 - Collington

You’re not the boss of me!

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Never been a Collingwood lover but they are playing very good footy.

Steele Sidebum plays 300 games this week. He was drafted in 2008 and a strong argument that he is a better player than all those above him.

NicNat is an obvious great player but maybe Steelo has him covered.


As predicted they have folded their netball team.
Should never have entered the comp and I wonder if it was just a ploy to get government grants and upgrades.


That is a very consistent draft in retrospect. No champions (maybe Sidebottom?), but equally no busts outside of Lewis Johnston (crippled by injuries). Even Jack Watts, for all he copped, played 174 games and kicked 160 goals.

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Agree, toss of a coin between Sidebottom and Nic Nat for best player on that list.

Sidebottom for durability, Nic Nat for sheer brilliance prior to injuries.

I continue to be bemused by the concept that Natanui was a great player.

He was a great highlights reel but rarely played well over a full game.

Although I’m not a fan of the Brownlow, look at the number of votes he received as a midfielder.

He just wasn’t that good.


Collingwood / Magpies Netball related; can someone please share this article if they have access to NewsCorp? TIA

Does this mean that Matthew Knights was right all along?


They should just make it state based, plus ACT. We seem to have an obsession with having heaps of teams in leagues in tis country, when we don’t have the population.

Anyway ■■■■ Collingwood, but they are clearly a very good club :frowning:

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From what I’m told the setup is fine but Collingwood was doomed to fail from the start. You alienate a large proportion of fans immediately by attaching yourself to a football club especially one like Collingwood.
We saw it over the years with the various soccer teams playing under AFL club banners.
A new composite team in Melbourne will go ok

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I believe the Melbourne Storm own the Sunshine Coast Lightning. Although honestly youre alienating so many potential people by tying it to the Collingwood name and branding. No way in hell I would support anything like that, rather go for the Vixens.

And I believe that’s how it is currently. If you hate Collingwood you are a Vixens fan (my wife is a Vixens member BTW) but that’s another story.

I don’t think population size is an issue with Netball Australia claiming over one million registered players.

Like all professional sports, Netball relies on sponsorship dollars and memberships.

If you can get the dollars, you can have way more than eight teams as the talent pool is more than big enough to meet the demand for players.

Netball is the #1 sport played by women in Oz. With half the population to draw on, there is certainly a big enough pool for talent.

Absolutely. The trouble is the pay is so poor for elite netballers. They try to have two teams in the big cities/areas to try and dilute the talent otherwise you end up with super teams. Without Collingwood the Vixens would have no competition and as the money just isn’t there any Melbourne based players would all play at the Vixens and they would be unbeatable

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NicNat is a three time AA. (AAAAAA)

You’re saying they were undeserved?

(For the record I’m not arguing for or against).

I reckon at least one of them was undeserved.

Yes…I am…Nic Nat is a classic case of hype over substance.

And let’s not pretend that the All Australian side is picked based on who is the best.

So many examples over the years of picking who is popular.

Who can forget Pavlich being named AA Full Back despite the fact that he never played there?